The Adventure Starts Here: Our Weekend

Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Weekend

We had a super busy weekend!  We went on a mini road trip, went to a baby shower and a 2nd birthday party, and went to the pool!  As if that wasn't busy enough already, we had to miss another 2nd birthday party and a gender reveal/30th birthday party :(  

On Saturday morning, we headed to Williamsport, PA (about a 3 hour drive), where Chris' best friend (Chris was his best man and Joe was in our wedding) from college (Penn State), Joe, lives.  Joe and his wife, Teri, are expecting a baby mid September.   Teri's baby shower was on Saturday so we all made the drive to see them.  The last time we went to visit was 2 years ago for Joe's birthday, when I was pregnant with Noah.  They've come to see us a few times since, but the last time was for Noah's First Birthday Party :)  Anyway, the drive wasn't too bad.  Noah did great, watched some Bubble Guppies, played on his laptop, ate some snacks, and then napped for the last hour.  I'm so glad he slept because his normal nap time is right when we were expected to arrive.  

Teri had mentioned that her baby shower would be pretty casual and that a lot of other kids would be there as well.  She said it was up to me if I wanted to bring Noah with me or leave him with Chris (who would be back at Joe's house having a BBQ with the guys).  Noah has been going through a only mama phase lately, so I decided to take him with me.  He had a blast... played with the trucks I brought him, did some coloring, and even helped Teri open some of her gifts ;)  

By the time the shower was over and we chatted for a little while, it was already after 5.  We quickly grabbed some dinner and then headed home.  Noah was asleep by 6:30 and slept almost the entire way home.  As a result though, he was not ready for bed when we got home.  I, on the other hand, was EXHAUSTED!  Chris played with Noah until midnight (!!!) while I went to sleep.  Chris then brought him up to sleep with me.  I figure these things only happen once in a while, so not a huge deal that his sleep was TOTALLY thrown off.

^^^ Noah and Daddy at 11:45 PM!  Playing in the basement

On Sunday, we decided we needed to take it easy.  Instead of tackling our to-do list, we went to our new pool for the first time!  It was overcast when we first woke up, but by 10 am the sun was out so we headed over :)  Our new pool has a baby pool and a big regular pool.  Noah tried out both and preferred the big pool.  They even have noodles for the guests to use... Noah is now a big fan!

After nap, we headed back to our old town for a birthday party.  Dexter (from our MOMS Club) turned 2 and we helped celebrate at a party in their backyard.   They had some outside toys set up as well as some snacks and cake.  The kids had a blast!

^^^ Happy Birthday Dexter!

^^^ waiting patiently for a spoon :)

^^^ dig in!

We ended the night with dinner near our old apartment and then watching Daddy mow the lawn (aka Noah's favorite activity!!!).  


  1. Love all the photos! Looks like a fun weekend!!!

  2. Wow! Such a fun and busy weekend you guys had! And such party people... especially Noah! Midnight?!?! Crazy boy! Love those photos of him in that hat... so cute!


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