The Adventure Starts Here: Our Weekend | Meeting AnnaLynne :)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Our Weekend | Meeting AnnaLynne :)

Before recapping the weekend, I just wanted to give a sweet shout out to my friend Marlaina, who had her baby girl on Thursday evening!  AnnaLynne Mary was born on July 24th at 5:48 pm and they came home on Saturday.  I am so excited for my friend and this new chapter in her life.  I was so happy to finally meet this beautiful baby girl.  On Sunday, I brought over a little outfit (shopping for girls is so much fun!) as well as a meal (always appreciated by a new mother!) and had a nice little visit.

This weekend was a lot of fun, but very busy.  I felt like we were going non-stop! On Friday night, Chris got home earlier than usual.  He had the great idea to walk to the playground before dinner.  

On Saturday, Chris woke up early to do one final walk through of our apartment and to turn in our keys... our lease is officially up!  We then headed over to Chris' parents' house for breakfast.  Chris' mom made french toast with bacon and sausage.  She also made Noah some eggs.  The layout of their house makes it so Noah can run around in a circle from the kitchen, through the front hall and dining room, and back to the kitchen.  He had fun chasing Nonna and Granddad and then getting "scared" when they'd yell "boo" at him.  It never got old to him!

After nap, we headed over to a MOMS Club Summer Party.  The family who hosted it has a beautiful (and huge) house and backyard.  Complete with a pool, tennis courts, and a life size dollhouse for the kids to play in (that had electricity!!!).  We all signed up to bring different things (food, beverages, etc) and we also brought our own blankets and/or chairs.  I learned that 90% of the moms had the same (just different colors) JJ Cole blanket that we have!  At first I was worried that it wasn't as sunny out, but I think it was a blessing that it was somewhat overcast so we didn't get too hot!

 ^^^ They even had face painting!

On Sunday, we went on our July date... but I will share more about that tomorrow!

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  1. I LOVE how excited/shocked Noah looks when they scare him! So sweet.


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