The Adventure Starts Here: Our weekend in pictures

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our weekend in pictures

It's been a while since I haven't posted on a Friday!  Chris and my mom both asked what happened!  Simple answer... The move was a little more hectic than I had expected!  The movers were supposed to come at 2 pm on Thursday.  We left a lot of the packing til last minute because we knew Noah and a ton of boxes wouldn't go well together.  So Thursday morning I got out of the apartment with Noah and let Chris pack in peace.  I then headed to the house around 2 with my dad to hang some curtains.  We then waited for Chris to arrive with the movers and our furniture.  We waited for a long time!  The movers didn't even get to our apartment until almost 4 pm and didn't get to the new house until almost 8!  Noah stayed with my mom at their house til dinner but then she brought him over.  By the time the movers left (at 9:30) Noah was beyond exhausted (and so were we)!   Chris took off Friday as well and we've spent all weekend unpacking boxes and getting the rooms set up so we can function.  I hope to have something to show you soon but for now it's just furniture in the rooms.  

On Saturday we took a break to get Noah's haircut.  He started crying right away again so we decided to try having him sit on my lap this time instead.  Didn't help at all with the crying but at least he sat still.  Thank goodness he rebounds quickly!  He got a lollipop and a cupcake for his troubles!

We've been eating a lot of take out recently.  Saturday night we cooked for the first time at the house, well if grilling counts ;). Chris made some yummy burgers and corn on the cob.  Noah helped :)

This weekend we made our first trip to Costco.  In addition to a bunch of food, we bought a Vitamix!  They had a presentation going on there and Noah had 3 samples during our visit.  Noah is a smoothie fan and we decided this would be the perfect way to have him eat more veggies!  I plan to do a post later this week with some of the smoothies I've made.  

We are loving our deck!  Even when we don't grill, we usually end up eating outside.  It's so much easier to let Noah get messy when it's on the deck!  And here is Chris rubbing an ice cube on Noah's neck :). Noah is obsessed with ice cubes in general and this was making him crack up!  I love the summer!

Have a great Monday!  Chris is back at work today but is taking the rest of the week off.  We plan to get the house completely set up and maybe even got in a trip (or two) to our new pool :)


  1. Wow! I would have been so frustrated with the movers! Smoothies are a great meal sub! When Lily decides she doesn't want to eat, I can usually throw a smoothie her way. I jane pack it with oatmeal, spinach, veggies, and a splash of juice to make sure she is getting some nutrition!

  2. Gosh, you all have had a ton of stuff going on. Can't wait to see the house all set up. I say hit the pool before setting up the house. You all deserve the little treat!

  3. Oh man all that unpacking gives me anxiety! haha Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. Um Noah grilling with Chris? too cute!!

  5. Noah looks so handsome with his new haircut! And how cute are Noah and Chris both grilling on the porch??? Oh my goodness. I NEED to get Mason a grill asap! Can't wait to hear your smoothie recommendations and hopefully try some too!


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