The Adventure Starts Here: Our Morning at the Splash Pad | Summer Bucket List Link Up

Friday, July 25, 2014

Our Morning at the Splash Pad | Summer Bucket List Link Up

Last Friday, we went to a splash pad about ten minutes from our new house.  The MOMS Club in our new town hosted a play date there and there was an amazing turnout... 13 moms and their kids!  After a week of thunderstorms, the weather was amazing and the kids had a blast splashing around in the water.  Chris was off from work (getting the house ready) and he was so excited that he was able to come with us.  This was Noah's first time at a splash pad and Chris is always wanting to witness Noah's firsts.  I loved that he was there cause it meant I didn't have to go in with Noah and get wet ;)  When we first got there, no one was in the splash pad area.  We actually thought it wasn't working.  Then a friend got there and showed us that you just had to push the button to turn on the water.  Noah at first wasn't so sure about the whole thing, but Chris showed him what it was all about.  And once Noah saw all the other kids playing in it, he really started to like it!  Thankfully, one of the moms was smart enough to bring a bunch of buckets and was very happy to share.  Lesson learned for next time!

^^^ When the water would stop, we'd have to push this button to have it start again :)

^^^ this summarizes the morning pretty well... kids having fun, and Noah trying to take the bucket away from this little girl!

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  1. Splash pads are so cool! I wish we had one a lot closer. Total bonus that you didn't have to run around in the water with him, Chris is always the one up for the water play.

  2. This looks like so much fun. I love a good splash pad!


  3. I looks like you all had so much fun! And, score for both you and Chris getting to go!
    We don't have any splash pads around us, but I'm sure my little man would love playing around in one

  4. This looks so fun!!! I've been dying to take Mason to a splash pad all summer but have yet to find a good one. There's one at a local mall but is always SO crowded that I would love to find a good park. Noah looks like he's having a BLAST!

  5. Looks like such a great splash pad! I wish we had one closer - although it's not that far that I shouldn't have gone! Looks like such a fun morning! Thanks for linking up with us!


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