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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Noah is 20 Months! - It's The Little Things

What's New:
We bought a house this month, but since we haven't officially moved, I don't think Noah realizes it yet.  We've been going to the house every day, but I think right now he just thinks it's someone's house we go to play at.

Noah weighs around 30 lbs and is 34.5 inches tall.  I know this because Noah has now become obsessed with my scale and steps on it every morning when I'm getting ready.  It fluctuates depending on the time of day, but it's always around 30 lbs.  As for his height, Noah was "helping" our handyman one day and wanted to play with his tape measure.  He was super nice to Noah and showed him how to measure things, and then he  measured Noah :)  Noah is still wearing a variety of sizes in clothes, ranging from 18-24 M to 3T.

I've been tracking his sleep habits each day now and I was starting to notice an improvement.  But this last week we've had multiple wake ups again.  Not sure if it's because of the different schedule and his confusion with the new house.  I'm anticipating some bad sleeping (on both of our parts) when we first move in.

Favorite Foods:
Same as last month.  Last week I got some apple cider donuts at the farm (I was so excited when I found out they weren't only available in the fall!).  I gave Noah one and he's been hooked ever since! I didn't get to eat as many as I would have liked as a result :(  He's also wanting to eat things like we do now.  We've gone out to eat and I cut up his quesadilla or pizza into bite size pieces and he wants nothing to do with it.  Instead, he wants to pick it up whole and take bites from it :)

Noah's language skills are improving every day!  He now says "baa" clearly when I ask what the sheep says.  He tries to say "moo" for the cow and "buzz" for a bee, and he says "roar" for a lion.  He now responds when I ask him questions.  Sometimes it's still just a grunt, but he now says "yes" a lot and loves saying hi and bye to people.  I also taught him how to shake his head no and yes (though he prefers to shake it no).

He tells me which song he wants to sing by doing the motions.  It's either Itsy Bitsy, Skinamarink, or Wheels on the Bus.  He now does the wheels, doors, wipers, and horn motions with us :)  We've added eyes, chin, knees, and elbow to the list of body parts that Noah can identify.  

Noah loves to play with water.  He loves the pool and playing in the sink.  I'm not a fan of the mess involved when playing in the sink, so I'm so glad my parents got him a water table for our new deck!

He's also started this new thing with Chris where he likes to take his hands and then climb up Chris' body using his feet.  He then wants to either get an ice cube from the freezer or pretend to heat something up in the microwave (Chris sets the kitchen timer so it beeps when "done").  Noah begs to do this as soon as Chris gets home from work.  Chris asked me how I deal with this all day.  I told him that he's never asked me to do it with him, apparently it's their thing to do... Thank Goodness!

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  1. Stopping by from the link up. Such adorable photos. Lily loves playing in the sink water too. Sometime that's the only way I get the time to do my hair in the morning. You're right though...lots of mess! Love the update! Consider me your newest follower.

  2. What a darling boy. My daughter loves water too and loves making a big ol' mess. and congrats on the new home! yay.

  3. Mason has become obsessed with the scale too! At my MIL's house, she has a scale and I was all excited to find out how much Mason weighs, but he is tricky and RIGHT before it lights up with his weight, he gets off the scale. Kills me. He did it like 3 times in a row the other day...totally like he knew!
    Happy 20 months sweet boy!


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