The Adventure Starts Here: Living Room: Noah's Reading Nook

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Living Room: Noah's Reading Nook

Today I want to share Noah's new reading nook.  If it's one thing that I don't mind having a lot of, it's books for Noah.  I personally think we have enough toys for him right now, but I will never say no to a new book.  They make the best gift, in my opinion.  In our apartment, I felt like I didn't have a good system to store all the books.  I put them in a basket but that got messy quickly.  I then had them scattered around on different shelves, but that was a pain when cleaning up at the end of the night.  So when deciding how to set up our living room and where to put all of Noah's things, I knew I wanted a little reading corner where all his books would live.  I envisioned him having some quiet time all by himself, flipping through his favorite books.  We already had the white Expedit, but in the apartment it served as extra storage in his closet.  Since this house has built in closet systems, I needed to find a new use for it.  

Thankfully, it fit perfectly in this little corner and is just the right amount of storage for his books.  I love that it's the perfect height for Noah, and that his little friends (Socks, Super Buddy, and the fox without a name) and a few toys fit perfectly on top.  Sidenote:  The story behind Super Buddy is a cute one.  When I was in college the Hefflelump movie came out.  Since I've been a huge fan of elephants and purple, my roommate got me a little stuffed animal of it.  Not too much came of it other than it sitting in my room.  After Chris and I got married, we were planning a trip to California.  I saw that some people bring along some sort of stuffed animal/figurine and take pictures with it while on vacation.  We were searching for something when Chris found said purple elephant.  He named him Buddy and he started coming on trips with us.  Chris then found the Super Hero version of Buddy on Amazon and had to buy him.  We decided to name him Super Buddy and give him to Noah.  

I already had the frame (many of these were used in Noah's nursery) and I bought the print off Etsy.  I love having this literary quote up on the wall!  

Noah loves his little corner.  I've found that now that his books are all visible and easy to take out, that he doesn't make a mess of the books so much.  He goes and actually takes only a few out at a time.  I still have to put them back at the end of the day, but before he would have fun just dumping the books and not even read them. At least now they are being read :)

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  1. Noah looks just adorable staring at that book! I just imagine him saying, "hmm, this looks like a good read." So cute!

  2. I agree- my boys can never have enough books for the boys!

  3. Love the print from Etsy!! And love how you organized them. Is that a small expedit from Ikea?
    Also LOVE how organized they are! Must have been nap time or you have an exceptionally well behaved toddler. Our books are constantly thrown all around the room on the floor!
    Also, saw that Dig book at Target the other day... do you guys like it?? Might need it for Mason...


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