The Adventure Starts Here: Learning the stairs

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Learning the stairs

We now live in a house with stairs.  Noah isn't a complete stranger to stairs, both grandparents have them in their houses.  My parents' family room even has one step down into it.  Noah has practiced on them, but for the most part we never worried about it at either of their houses because someone was always with him during those short visits.  We obviously didn't have stairs in our apartment and I never had to worry about Noah getting hurt if he followed me to the bedrooms or to do the laundry.

We knew we would need some gates installed in our new house, but we weren't positive where or how to do it.  Baseboard trim and stair railings can often make some gates hard or even impossible to install.  Thankfully our stairs have sturdy square posts and rails, but there was nothing directly across from the main post at the bottom.  Originally we thought this would be a problem and considered blocking Noah off from the front hall completely.  But the the quarter round on the baseboard would cause a problem too.  

So we decided to install the gate at the top of the stairs (since that's the most dangerous) and wait and see what we'd need for the bottom.  My dad came over first thing the day after we moved in and installed a gate at the top of the stairs.  My parents bought these at Babies R Us when the cousins were here for Christmas and they let us have them (I love not having to buy new things!).  When used in doorways you can just put them up using the tension capability but for stairs you have to screw in the brackets for the gate to fit in and remain secure.

It only took us a day of Noah following one of us up the stairs (without us knowing) and playing on the stairs to decide we needed one at the bottom too. I called my dad and asked him if he could come over and see if it would be easy to install one at the bottom.  I wasn't sure if and extra piece of wood would have to be added for installation but I was confident that he could figure it out.  We went to Costco and when we got home it was up!  Thankfully even our spindles are square and sturdy and were able to support the gate so it could line up with the wall!  It was way easier than we expected!


It definitely takes some getting used to having to open a gate when going up or downstairs.  It makes doing laundry harder!  But it's worth it knowing Noah won't tumble down the stairs.  Instead he practices on the two- one steps that we have from the hallway into the kitchen and living room. He also practices on the stairs when we go down to the basement.

Our stairs are very open and visible to the living room.  I definitely want to create a gallery wall going up the stairs.  Any tips if you've done one before?


  1. Stairs make me so so so nervous!!! I love the look of two stories. When we were on the house hunt, I was so adamant about "no stairs". Wish I wouldn't have been such a freak about it. It's good your stairs are carpeted. If Noah does accidentally take a fall, the carpet would slow him down quite a bit. Congrats on getting closer to being settled in your new home!

  2. I've thought about a gallery wall going up the starts too but I have no idea where to start. Our stairs are kinda dark though but yours are perfect!
    Also...stairs... my enemy! We have a gate at the bottom of the stairs and like you said, it does make laundry significantly more difficult. But Mason is adventurous and when I forget to close the gate, he totally follows me up. We don't have a gate at the top yet... because that kinda scares me too... like what happens if he leans too far, would the gate fall down?? Maybe I'm paranoid lol. But Mason has come dangerously close to the edge upstairs (and of course he thinks its funny) that I think we need a gate!


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