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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July Date

For Christmas, I gave Chris "A Year of Dates".  On Christmas, he opened a stack of envelopes, one for each month of 2014.  Inside the envelopes are pre-planned (and some pre-paid) dates for us to enjoy each month.  At the beginning of each month, we open the envelope and schedule a day to go on the date.   I will be recapping our dates each month.  

This month, I had a date with both my boys!  I know that these dates were designed so that Chris and I would get out on our own, but this month Chris suggested that we bring Noah with us.  And since this was Chris' Christmas gift, I was happy to oblige ;)  Since we were bringing Noah mini golfing with us, we decided to go in the morning, when we figured it wouldn't be too busy (or too hot yet).  Originally we planned to go at 9am, right when they open.  But when we woke up, it was drizzling a little bit.  Instead, we decided to run our errands first and then see if the weather improved.  

So we started our morning out with a breakfast smoothie, a trip to Target and Costco, and then a quick lunch at McDonalds.  So instead of getting ice cream after mini golfing, we got it before when we were at McDonalds.  You can't beat a 49 cent ice cream cone!!!

Then it was time to golf!  Noah was technically free and he even got his own ball and putter.  He picked the red ball, though he really didn't like hitting it.  He preferred to hold it and instead hit our balls ;)  I have to say that Noah was really good!  He even sunk a few putts (with our help of course) and was really happy the entire time.  We only golfed 9 holes, but that was just because it was getting hot and we left his hat at home (bad parenting 101).  We decided to be total kleptos and stole Noah's red ball as a souvenir ;)

^^^ on our way home... Noah is tired but still holding onto that red ball!

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  1. No way!!! Noah mini golfed??? I'm so impressed! Mason would probably run away :) Go Noah!


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