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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's The Little Things - My Little Helper!

We've been spending a lot of time at the new house lately.  I've been making decisions about paint and other projects, waiting for furniture deliveries, and helping assemble some of our Ikea furniture.  While I often have help with watching Noah while I'm there, he likes to stay close to me and loves to "help"!  While it would obviously be faster and easier to do things without him "helping", it's just so cute to see him so interested in it all.  He's curious about everything and it's amazing to watch him imitate me.  

^^^ helping me assemble the Ikea couch and shoe rack.  He put the wooden dowels in the right holes without me even showing him!

^^^ he loves when the delivery trucks come!

^^^ we got a new Miele vacuum that is designed for hardwoods and low pile rugs (perfect for our first floor).  Just like with our Dyson, Noah was scared of it at first.  We decided to order him a toy version of the Miele (just like the Dyson) and now he's no longer scared!

^^^ this little boy is even cutting his own food now (just joking)

Thanks to Jess of Sadie Sky Boutique and Ashley of Words About Waverly for hosting this fun link up! 


  1. I seriously need to get Scarlett a toy dyson so she wont be scared of ours!! Our floors are constantly dirty because the only time I can vacuum is when she goes to bed!! I love how involved they want to be at this age, it's so much fun!

  2. Aww, he is precious.

    Joining from The little Things lInk up

    Alycia @ Crazily Normal (

  3. Oh my gosh, how adorable is he vacuuming! He looks like a pro! Send him over here... Mason only knows how to make a mess! Haha.

  4. toy vacuums are the cutest. I should get aria one just so she stops stealing mine when I need to vacuum. makes it take three times longer so she can vacuum too ha.


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