The Adventure Starts Here: Flinn Family 4th of July Weekend - 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014

Flinn Family 4th of July Weekend - 2014

This year was very different from last year's 4th of July.  Instead of going to a BBQ, we spent the weekend doing stuff for the house.  On Friday, the weather on the East Coast was not great.  It was really hot and humid with a bunch of random downpours and storms.  We spent the day running errands (Home Depot and Target) and Chris steam cleaned the carpets while I took Noah back to our apartment for his nap.  Even though we didn't have any big plans, we made sure to dress for the holiday ;)

(shirts are from Old Navy)

^^^ Chris really wanted a hot dog on July 4th... I guess Target had to do this year ;)

^^^ taking silly selfies in the car while Chris ran into Home Depot

^^^ we did manage to take a family walk around our new neighborhood :)

On Saturday, we finally got our huge delivery from Ikea... 20 boxes!  I put together our couch and shoe rack while Chris and my dad put the entertainment center together.  On Sunday, Chris and his dad put together 3 dressers and the wardrobe.  All we have left now are 2 bedside tables :)  My parents came to help on Saturday and Chris' parents on Sunday.  While we were busy workers all day, we made sure to take a break to eat dinner out on our deck :)

I was looking back at pictures from last 4th of July, and I can't get over how much Noah's changed!  Last year he was a baby and this year he is a little boy... but with the same smile!

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  1. Those comparison photos are amazing! I love that his facial expression is the same! Sounds like you guys had a great 4th despite the bad weather and I love your matching attire!


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