The Adventure Starts Here: Weekend Recap - A Udel "Reunion"

Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Recap - A Udel "Reunion"

On Saturday, the three of us drove to Pennsylvania for a BBQ.  Some friends of mine from college finally found a weekend that we were all free to get together.  The last time I saw them was October 2013.  It was really nice to sit and chat with my girlfriends while our kids ran around and played.   It's funny, because this weekend was Alumni Weekend at University of Delaware (where we all went).  So even though we didn't go to that, we had our own little mini alumni weekend.  Ours was just a little more kid friendly ;)

^^^ Amy, Sharon (holding Ava, Shauna's older daughter), Jenn (holding Cayla),
Me (and Noah), and Shauna (holding Rowan)

Jenn and I had due dates a month apart from each other.  But since her daughter, Cayla, was born a little early, and Noah was born a little more early, Cayla is only two and a half weeks older than Noah.  This was the first time where they were actually old enough to play with each other. (They've seen each other 3 times before... at Noah's 1st birthday party, at Cayla's 1st birthday party, and at Cayla's Christening/Baby Naming).  Noah immediately took a liking to all of Cayla's fun backyard toys.  She had a play house (with a doorbell), a climbing toy with a slide, the perfect sized adirondack chair, and a fun tunnel to climb through.  Cayla is at the very common stage where everything is "mine" and wasn't the biggest fan of Noah playing with all her stuff.  But Noah seemed to think it was a super fun game when he would ring the doorbell and try to open the door of her house and she kept saying "no" and closing the door on him.

We also learned that Noah has a pretty useful skill.  He loved playing by the cooler of drinks.  Someone asked if he could bring them a beer (sort of as a joke) and Noah immediately grabbed a bottle and brought it over.  He was so careful, carrying the bottle with both hands and making sure not to trip.  The problem is, he didn't want to stop at just one and got upset when we told him no one else needed a beer.  We finally had him switch over to taking the water bottles out of the other cooler.  

^^^Sharon holding little baby Rowan

^^^ Noah was unsure about the tunnel at first, but after seeing Ava (who's almost 4) do it, he figured it out and loved it!  

We had a wonderful visit and we are already trying to plan another get together... next time at our new house!


  1. It's such a small world... Conor went to the University of Delaware for graduate school, so we lived in Newark for two years!

  2. Such a fun weekend! And so fun that your friends all have kids around each other's ages. I love Noah in that playhouse! Especially the one with him holding the water cup and just chillin' there. So cute!


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