The Adventure Starts Here: Summer Bucket List Fun: Park Discovery

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Bucket List Fun: Park Discovery

On Father's Day, we met up with my parents at the playground in our soon to be neighborhood.  It is right down the street from our new house, and I wanted to see if it was age appropriate for Noah.  We had driven past it when we looked at the house, but since it was only March, we never got out and played on it.  The weather on Sunday was perfect, sunny and warm but no humidity... we couldn't have asked for a better day to go to the playground!  I was so happy to see that the play ground was covered in the shade and they had two structures, one for 2-5 year olds and the other 5-12 year olds.  Noah still needed help from us on both structures, because the steps were a little high even on the smaller climbing structure.  We were able to get Noah to go down the slide twice (once on his own and once on my lap), but for the most part he just wanted to climb and explore.  My mom was such a good sport and even climbed up there with him!

Chris then decided he wanted to explore the older kid's play ground... for research of course ;)  Noah didn't want to be left behind so he followed daddy and was able to climb up this one (with help) as well.  Though once he was up top we had to watch him like a hawk to prevent my mom from having a heart attack every time he came near the edge!  I definitely think we will stick to the smaller one in the future.

We ended our trip to the playground on the swings.  On our most recent trip to the playground, Noah hasn't liked the swings.  We put him in and within a minute he wants out.  I'm not sure if it's because there was a group of us there encouraging him or if it's because we all took turns swinging with him, but he loved it and lasted for a long time!  I'm glad the playground was empty and no one saw 4 grown adults swinging along side Noah!

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  1. We love going to the park. So much so that there are days we go once in the morning and once in the evening after dinner.
    The playground you visited seems perfect for a little guy to spend hours discovering!
    Thanks for linking up - Stephanie @ Wife Mommy Me

  2. That looks like a great park! I love that they had an area for big and little kids. Swings are fun no matter what age! :) Thanks for joining our link up today!

  3. That sounds like the perfect playground, love that they have two sets! I wish our local park was at all little kid friendly. I can barely get up those silly steps. But, the slides are fun so silver lining. Too funny about your mom having a heartattack every time he got too close to the edge, my grandma is the same way. And, no shame on the swings guys - no shame, swings are awesome! I wish Aria would swing with me on the big swing.

  4. So nice for him to have a place to grow near your new home!

  5. What a fun park! I'm so glad he loved the swing!!

  6. So fun!! We went to the park tonight too and Mason has a BLAST! Our park only has one area but is luckily geared towards little kids. The one down the street has both sets of equipment. We're on the hunt for more parks in the area...especially one with a splash pad for the summer! Your new park sounds so fun for Noah!

  7. What a fun park! We have one that is similar near us, and I love that there are structures designed for specific ages.
    Looks like everyone had a great time - adults included. :)


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