The Adventure Starts Here: One Year and Beyond: Making Time to Blog

Thursday, June 19, 2014

One Year and Beyond: Making Time to Blog

I started this blog back in 2009 when Chris and I got engaged.  It started off as a place to share information about our engagement and our wedding.  It soon became a place where I shared pictures and stories from our weekends, holidays, and vacations.  I didn't blog regularly and definitely didn't have a real plan.  Then we got pregnant with Noah and I knew I wanted to document the pregnancy with weekly bump photos.  I loved Jessica's chalkboards and decided to do that as well (mine just didn't come out as well as hers!).  When Noah was born, I had weekly updates and photos of Noah, but still that was about it.  In the spring of 2013, I slowly started adding more posts and planning out my posts ahead of time.  This was also around the time that Noah was taking more regular naps, so I felt like I had some time to myself again.  Now I try to have posts scheduled 5 days a week.  It's not always easy to find the time to come up with ideas and write the posts with a toddler, but so far I've made it work.  Here are a few things that help me...

1.  Schedule posts ahead of time.  When Noah is napping, I am usually on the computer.  It's the one thing that I'm not really able to do when he's awake since he likes to bang on the keyboard or play with my USB cords.  He does however like to "help" me with laundry, cleaning, and emptying the dishwasher.  I am also able to shower by giving him breakfast in his high chair (strapped in of course) and letting him watch Sesame Street.  And his favorite thing to do is hold a travel size hair dryer and a brush and pretend to blow dry his hair while I do mine.  So basically, I treat his naps as my time to relax.  I  enjoy blogging and staying up to date on my photo albums (that I create digitally using Photoshop and Becky Higgins products), so that's usually what I end up doing.  I try my best to schedule as many blog posts as I can (or at least set them up).  Some days he has a long nap, so I can schedule more, and it makes up for the days when he barely sleeps.  

2.  Write about what you know and what interests you.  It's easier to come up with material if you are writing about things you enjoy doing.  For me, this has evolved over time, just as my interests have.  Right now, the majority of my posts are about my family (Noah in particular) and how we spend our weekends.  I love making a big deal about holidays, so I usually include some gift guides or wish lists.  I also love shopping, so I will throw in some fashion posts for Noah and myself.  Since we are moving soon, I plan to include more posts about decorating and organizing our new house.  I've always been interested in both those things, but never really had an outlet for them since we currently live in a fairly small apartment (not much material for the blog).  

3.  Become involved with the blogging community.  I found that once I had some readers who commented on a regular basis, it motivated me to write more.  I love link ups and I love reading other  blogs.  I find they have really inspired me in how I write my posts and motivated me to improve the look of my blog.  

4.  Have a support system.  Chris is very supportive about the blog and understands the time it takes to create the daily posts.  He is always interested in what tomorrow's post is about and I often ask him for ideas as well.  If we had a busy weekend (that I want to blog about), he often offers to help out with Noah on a Sunday evening so that I can start uploading the photos.  

5.  Use the mobile app.  This is something I've only recently started doing, but I've found it's helpful.  While I write most of my posts on my computer, I sometimes find the need to use the Blogger app on my phone.  When I rock Noah to sleep, I am able to start a post on my phone and finish it on the computer once he's asleep.  I was even able to write and post a Five on Friday post while I was on vacation.  It's also come in handy when Chris notices a typo and I'm not able to get to my computer right away ;)

I'd love to hear some of your tips!

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  1. I totally downloaded the Blogger app on my phone but never use it! I always forget about it. Maybe I need to move it to right next to Instagram and then I will remember. HA!
    Also, your tips are very helpful!! That is so sweet that your husband totally "gets it" and lets you have your time on Sunday nights to post for Monday. So sweet! My husband is so cute and totally reads every post that I post (after I post it). At least I know I have one reader :)


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