The Adventure Starts Here: One Year and Beyond: How to Get Your Toddler To Eat Their Veggies…Or Their Food At All

Thursday, June 12, 2014

One Year and Beyond: How to Get Your Toddler To Eat Their Veggies…Or Their Food At All

Feeding a toddler is not the easiest thing.  I found it much easier when Noah was eating pureed baby food pouches.  It didn't require much thought and he was getting a nice variety of fruits and vegetables that I don't normally buy.  I do like that when we are out I don't have to pack as much ahead of time, but it's always hit or miss whether Noah will eat what we make, order at a restaurant, or is available when we are out.  Thankfully, Noah loves fruit so I don't have to do anything crazy to get him to eat more of that.  I do need to work on him eating more vegetables.  I think that's because of my lack of planning rather than his lack of interest.  

We seem to have a rotation of foods that Noah eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I feel like Chris and I are the same way, and honestly I feel like we are all in a rut.  I can't wait to see what other toddlers are eating so I can get some more ideas.

Breakfast:  Noah either eats a bowl of fruit (strawberries, melon, grapes, and bananas are his favorites) or a container of Bananas and Cream greek yogurt.  He then has a few spoonfuls of my Multigrain Cheerios.  

Lunch:  For lunch, I usually give Noah Kraft mac & cheese, grilled cheese, hard boiled eggs, or deli meat with some buttered toast.  I then give him sides of fruit, sometimes a pepper, as well as some sort of snack.  He also sometimes gets leftover pasta from the previous night's dinner.

(PBKids plate, similar)

(Grilled cheese, pears, yogurt melts, Gerber cheese puffs)

(Hard boiled egg, green pepper, wheat thins)

(Turkey, toast, strawberries, pretzel goldfish)

Dinner:  In a perfect world, Noah would just eat what we eat and when we eat it.  However, Chris doesn't get home until 6:30, so I often end up feeding Noah before he gets home.   Some of Noah's favorites are penne vodka with chicken (from the restaurant downstairs), Nonna's meat sauce with pasta, and meatloaf. He sometimes likes stir fry and chicken fried rice and recently he had pork chops for the first time and seemed to like them.

(chicken fried rice and my mom's stir fry)

(pork chops, sweet potato, mixed veggies)

Dessert:  We don't normally have dessert.  But when we go over to the grandparents' houses for dinner, he usually ends up with some sort of treat.   Most of the time he prefers chocolate or ice cream, but he also LOVES watermelon (just like his daddy).  

(chocolate cupcake for half birthday, Dove ice cream bar)

Drinks:  During the day, Noah drinks water or pear juice out of his sippy or straw cup.  Since he still drinks a fair amount of milk during the night (drastically less than before but still working on it), I try not to give him milk during the day.  Two nights he made it through without milk, so I made sure to give him a cup of it as soon as he woke up.  

Snacks:  Noah often snacks on smoothies, string cheese, and fruit.  He also almost always has his snack cup filled with Goldfish (pretzel or cheddar) when we go out.  Often times he doesn't even eat them, but he is adamant that he holds onto it at all times!

Out to Eat:  Noah is good at eating at restaurants, but once he's done, he wants down.  Before he could walk he was an angel at restaurants, now he just wants to walk around and explore.  We try to keep meals short and stick to casual restaurants.  Usually we order him a fruit cup and either grilled cheese or chicken fingers.  At Italian restaurants he loves pasta, bread, and meatballs!  He also loves smoothies, so I usually try to get them wherever they are available :)

For more ideas, check out my past Toddler Tastes post.  

I'm linking up with Ashley from Words About Waverly and the other lovely co-hostsesses for the One Year and Beyond series.  


  1. Love this! I feel like we are stuck in a rut too (blueberry waffles for breakfast everyday!) and this gives me some extra ideas. I feel like for me, since I pack Mason's lunch for daycare, I just choose what I know he will eat and that's easy and that's what he gets. Grilled cheese or wheat things and cheese would be a great lunch idea too!

  2. Smoothies are our secret restaurant weapon! Aria just started to like grilled cheese, and I'm thrilled because I love a grilled cheese every once and a while. But she isn't into pasta or typical kid foods. She does however prefer her veggies, so okay sure have more veggies!

  3. Love the new ideas to feed Mia!! It's crazy how difficult it can be to feed a toddler... they have such big opinions!


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