The Adventure Starts Here: Noah's Busy Social Life

Monday, June 30, 2014

Noah's Busy Social Life

Noah and I recently went to the zoo with our friends, Rosie & Lucas.  It's just a small zoo, but I love that it's only 25 minutes away.  We just got a membership and I'm excited to spend many mornings there this summer.  I find that the animals are never close enough to get a good picture of them, and instead I end up taking pictures where you can't even tell we were at the zoo!  The boys played on the playground, went on the carousel, and ate some yummy munchkins (thank you Rosie!).  We wanted to go on the train, but the line was way too long thanks to the 20 buses full of kids on field trips!

Two weeks ago, we had a MOMS Club play date in our new town.  It was at a local park and they even had an ice cream truck stop by so all the moms and kids could have some free ice cream ;)  Noah is getting better and better on the playground! 

Noah definitely loves the pool!  We went with our friends from our building (Nicole & Quinn) during the week and again on the weekend with Chris.  

Last week we were super busy with the new house so we haven't had too many play dates.  But we did get to go to the farm with our MOMS Club and pick some more strawberries.  

We spent the rest of the week either at the new house or shopping for things for the house.  Noah was instrumental in picking out his new bed ;).  And he was always eager to help/supervise, whether it was the painters, our handyman, or Grandpa!  

Now you are all caught up with Noah's social life :)

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