The Adventure Starts Here: May Date

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Date

For Christmas, I gave Chris "A Year of Dates".  On Christmas, he opened a stack of envelopes, one for each month of 2014.  Inside the envelopes are pre-planned (and some pre-paid) dates for us to enjoy each month.  At the beginning of each month, we open the envelope and schedule a day to go on the date.   I will be recapping our dates each month.  

We did a little improvising this month too.  Originally, we were supposed to go to dinner and a movie in May.  But a new restaurant/bar opened in our town called Hops, that serves flights of craft beers.  Chris wanted to go, and since we just saw a movie last month, we decided to try it out.  Chris got a sampler of 4 Dogfish Head beers, I got a glass of red sangria, and we "shared" chips with salsa and some amazing short ribs fries.  Chris really wanted the chips and salsa and I wanted the fries... I think I ate 75% of the fries!  We were so stuffed from the appetizers that we skipped getting entrees and instead stopped for some frozen yogurt on our walk home.  We ended up going to "dinner" at 6pm so that we could be home for Noah's bedtime.  I personally don't mind going early, since I like to be in bed pretty early too.  It makes it much easier on my mom and Noah as well.

^^^ left to right: 60 Minute, Red & White, Sahtea, Burton Baton

^^^ Chris let me try each of his beers, but I definitely preferred my sangria

^^^ The short rib fries were AMAZING!  I seem to have a new love of short ribs!

^^^ a really poor quality selfie ;)

^^^ beers that they used to have on tap

^^^ good thing we walked to and from dinner since we stopped for frozen yogurt too!  The weather was too amazing to pass up sitting outside for a little while!


  1. What a fun date!! I love beer tasting but like you prefer the sangaria! ;)

  2. What a fun date! You guys are my kind of husband would LOVE the flight of beers (especially Dogfish Head) and I would LOVE the sangria!


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