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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's The Little Things - Weekends Spent Outside

After a long Winter, and what seemed like a short Spring, I was so happy to have a weekend in the mid 70s with no humidity.  While it would have been nice to go to the pool on Saturday, it was just a little too chilly and windy for it in my opinion.  So after Noah's nap we immediately went outside for a walk around town and a trip to the playground.  It is a lot of fun now that Noah is so much more comfortable walking on the mulch and climbing up the play set.  Recently, Noah has preferred the slides to the swings.  So while we went down the slides many times, we decided to try having Noah sit on our laps on the big kid swings.  He definitely seems to prefer this to the toddler swing.  He loved it when he was sitting on Chris' lap and Chris pretended to try to kick me while swinging.  I've also learned that I'm really not very good at going down slides.  I find that my shoes either create too much friction or I go down too fast.  And since I'm focused on holding onto Noah, I often end up slowing myself down and stopping at the end in a very non-graceful way.  Maybe I should find a class where they teach moms how to go down slides ;)

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  1. Bahahaha Meghan I'm laughing so hard about you going down the slide! Haha love it! Great photos too :) xo

  2. What a CUTIE! I'm so glad you had a lovely weekend and spent it at the park! It's so fun to watch our littles explore! But I must admit, I am looking forward to the day that Mia can totally roam the park while I sit on the sidelines watching her. It's hard work to get my bum down those little slides with her, HA!

  3. haha, I Feel you on graceful playground sliding! I'd take that class.

  4. Such a good idea to swing with Noah on your lap instead of the baby swing. We haven't tried that yet, but I bet Mason would love it! He LOVES the swings at the park.


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