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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's The Little Things - My Little Athlete

Noah has shown an interest in throwing balls for a while now.  But this weekend, he was exposed to a myriad of sports at the picnic we went to.  The farm had a basketball court, tennis courts, a soccer field, and a golf course.  Noah loved walking around and watching everyone playing sports and even joined in on a few of them.  As a child I played soccer, swam on the swim team, and danced.  But I would never describe myself as athletic.  Chris however, grew up playing and watching a lot of sports.  I always knew that Chris would be the more hands on parent when it comes to sports with Noah, while I will be the cheerleader from the sidelines.   So when preparing this post, I figured it would be best to consult Chris ;)


Since 2014 is a World Cup year, soccer is currently more popular in the United States.  Most people I know played soccer as a child, at least for a little while.  I think it's a perfect sport for little kids cause it's a team sport where you can blend in and just run back and forth or you can be a star and make some goals :)  Chris says he's excited to kick the ball around the backyard with Noah.  He wants to get Noah a little soccer goal and take turns being goalie ;)

^^^ wearing his soccer ball pjs!


Chris is known to watch the occasional basketball game, and when he does he roots for the Nets.  Noah likes to make baskets on the Little Tikes basketball net that my parents have.  Chris is already joking that he needs raise the height of the hoop to make it harder for Noah!  Chris remembers playing basketball in the basement with his brother when they were little.

^^^ Joining a pick up basketball game at the picnic.  These guys were beyond nice to let Noah play with them!


Tennis is one of the few sports that I enjoy watching.  My dad and older brother would play together when I was a kid.  The first Father's Day after I started working, I got tickets for my dad and I to go to the US Open as his gift.  Since then, it's become a tradition to go each year, but now he buys the tickets ;)  Chris grew up playing tennis and also enjoyed watching it, so he was happy to be included in our annual tradition. I'm excited to bring Noah with us when he's older.

Our new neighborhood has tennis courts, and Chris thinks it's a sport he can easily teach Noah when he gets older.  It will be fun for Chris to teach Noah how to volley and serve the ball (especially an overhead smash!).  

^^^ practicing to be a ball boy


The only golf I'm good at is mini.  Chris however, loves to golf and was a caddie through high school and college.  Chris remembers going to the driving range to hit balls with his dad.  He loved learning how each golf club has different angles and has a different distance that the ball is supposed to travel.  I find all that interesting as well, I just can't figure out how to connect the club to the ball ;)  We went to a pitch and putt together and after a few holes I made him hit the ball to the green and then I would putt.

The only experience Noah has had so far is with a Little Tikes golf set that a friend of mine had.  Chris and Noah had some fun playing with it and hitting the ball with the putter.


If I had to pick Chris' favorite sport to watch, I would say it's football.  He went to Penn State and had season tickets.  When I met Chris he had season tickets to the New York Giants, but now he only makes it to one or two games a season.

So far, Noah is able to throw a pretty solid football, but he's still working on catching a ball.  Chris is looking forward to playing catch and running pass patterns with Noah.  My sister-in-law is also an avid college football fan, so I imagine there will be some flag football games going on when Noah and his cousins get together when they are older.  They may even let Chris and my brother play with them too ;) While Noah is working on his skills, we have fun dressing him up in his Penn State and Giants jerseys.


Chris is a Mets fan, Nonna and Uncle Justin are Yankees fans, Granddad is a Cardinals fan, and my family doesn't really care.  Noah wears a Mets baseball hat whenever we go out and often get comments about him being a Mets fan.  We will see if he chooses his dad's team as he gets older of picks a new team to root for!

My parents got Noah a t-ball set for Easter, and Chris had a little too much fun showing him how to hit the ball.  I have a feeling Chris and Noah will spend many nights playing catch in the backyard.


My whole family is Canadian, so hockey is in our blood!  It gets a little heated around the Olympics when my family roots for Canada and Chris roots for USA.  Chris is a Rangers fan and we've gone to a few games together... it's one of the few sports I actually enjoy watching.

Noah's first and only exposure to hockey was with a kids' Penn State hockey stick and puck at his friend's birthday party.  Since Chris went to Penn State, I wouldn't be surprised if Chris orders Noah the same set once we move ;)

Here are some things that we either already have or Chris wants to get in the near future.  

basketball hoop | soccer net | t-ball set | golf set
basketball game | wiffle bat | hockey set

Thanks to Jess of Sadie Sky Boutique and Ashley of Words About Waverly for hosting this fun link up! 

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  1. Oh my sweet is this?! Such a little athlete! I love the pic of him with the football!

  2. Oh man, ALL the sports! I agree I think soccer is such a great started sport, I hope Aria enjoys some sport. Great idea to get a little goal and kick the ball around. Aria's godfather is excited to teach her how to play too! I can't even imagine the cuteness! I really want a little soccer ball now!

  3. I love the themed pictures you took! And they are from all different age ranges too. I'm very impressed you are so organized to find them all. I so want one of those Little Tikes basketball hoops too. Seth's mom has one in her backyard and Mason was going crazy with it this weekend!

  4. Such cute pics! We're already looking forward to little league games in the future. Right now Ezzy is obsessed with throwing and kicking balls, but he's got to work on walking before he can take things to the next level ;) I love all those toys on your list, especially the basketball hoop.

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