The Adventure Starts Here: It's The Little Things - Father's Day Photo Shoot

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's The Little Things - Father's Day Photo Shoot

Since Father's Day is this weekend, we decided to do a Daddy/Noah photo shoot last weekend.  I loved how our Mother's Day photo shoot turned out and knew I wanted to do the same for Chris.  We went back to the same arboretum, but this time it was a lot warmer and there wasn't as much wind.  I love seeing my boys have so much fun together!  Even though Noah is going through a "mama all the time" phase at the moment, he LOVES playing with his daddy and I think it really shows in these pictures.

^^^ Noah needed a little water break during our photo shoot :)

^^^ looking cool!

^^^ Chris and Noah dancing to the Humunga Truck song from Bubble Guppies

Chris is such a hard worker and even after long days at work, all he wants to do is spend time with Noah before bedtime.  I feel so blessed that Chris has given me the gift of being a stay at home mom to Noah.  I could never thank him enough! I'm excited for the weekend where we can celebrate Chris as well as our own dads.  

Thanks to Jess of Sadie Sky Boutique and Ashley of Words About Waverly for hosting this fun link up! 


  1. Great idea!! All the photos turned out excellent!!! Also, I am loving the ginormous card!

  2. Fantastic photos! They turned out so good. I also love the huge card! :)


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