The Adventure Starts Here: Father's Day Crafts - Let's Get Crafty

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day Crafts - Let's Get Crafty

This year for Father's Day, I took Noah to Earth Paint and Fire to paint some ceramic pieces for Daddy, Grandpa, and Granddad.  Noah made Daddy a platter (figure he can use it when we grill) and made Grandpa and Granddad planters.  We made Grandpa a flower pot for his birthday last year, but since I didn't seal it after putting Noah's handprint on it, it didn't survive being outside very well.  I hope this one will be better. 

Noah was interested in painting (while holding his snack cup of course) for maybe 5-10 minutes.  After that, he wanted to walk around or play in the sink.  My mom and I finished up painting the pieces, and then Noah came back to add his handprints to the three pieces.   While Noah did great and the gifts turned out great, I think I'll hold off bringing Noah again until he's a little older.  In the meantime, I should let him paint more at home.  

Noah had so much painting the ceramic pieces, but he also loved giving them to his Daddy, Granddad and Grandpa. Each time he gave one of the handprint gifts, he would put his hand up to the painted handprint to show them that it was his hand... it was so cute!  Noah also LOVED planting the flowers with Grandpa.  My dad is obsessed with his lawn and loves to plant flowers.  I think Noah will really get into it this summer when he comes to help me plant some flowers at the new house. 


^^^ On my parents' front table... our Father's Day and Mother's Day gifts and a picture from November 2013 :)

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  1. The love the platter! How creative! You have the best ideas. I always think of things later and wonder how I can accomplish them without Seth knowing since when we are home with Mason, we are always together. I might need to take him on a secret mission before Christmas!


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