The Adventure Starts Here: Cocktails!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Some might say I come from an interesting family.  Growing up, my brothers and I were raised Mormon.  My parents converted before they got married and as long as I can remember we went to church every Sunday.  My parents didn't drink alcohol (or coffee or tea).  Even though we lived a pretty conservative life, my dad was never shy to tell us about his "crazier" years before he converted.  My brothers and I all "rebelled" in a way during high school and college and did what the majority of teenagers/young adults do.   Since then, my older brother is very involved in the church and my younger brother and I are no longer active.  I was never a huge drinker, but I wasn't against it either.  But because I grew up where my parents didn't drink alcohol, I never drank in front of them and never at their house.  Even when I turned 21, I never felt comfortable doing it (even though my parents don't mind).  

Now that you know this back story, you will see why this past Memorial Day was kind of a big deal for me!  Recently, I was contacted by BevMo.  They are the leading alcoholic beverage-lifestyle specialty retailer on the West Coast.  They sent me some goodies for Father's Day and I was excited to make some yummy drinks.  They sent me San Francisco No. 209 Gin, Tonic Water, and a bunch of garnishes to make some cocktails (as well as some cards to play Gin Rummy).  Neither Chris or I have been gin drinkers in the past, but I asked my younger brother (who just moved home) if he liked gin, and he immediately said yes.  That's when I decided I would bring everything over on Memorial Day and mix some cocktails with him.  

When I told my mom about the package I received, she said that she used to drink Gin and Ginger ale (and so did her mom).  I've never heard of that combo and was even more surprised since my mom was never a big drinker.  Learning these little things about my parents crack me up!  We didn't have any ginger ale (and it sounded kind of weird) so instead we decided to keep things simple and make gin and tonics and add some of the garnishes.  Luke chose the Cardamom Pods (from Guatemala) and I chose the Juniper Berries (from Italy).  Chris, Luke, and I each tried both drinks, and while we liked both of them, I definitely preferred the Juniper Berries.  

It was really nice enjoying a simple cocktail on my parents' deck.  And maybe (at 30 years old), I've finally gotten over feeling weird drinking at my parents' house ;)

And if you are still looking for a gift for Father's Day, check out Bevmo.  Here are a few of my favorite things on their website!

What's your favorite cocktail?  Is there anything you feel weird doing around your parents even though you are an adult?  What did you get for your dad or husband for Father's Day?

This post was written on behalf of BevMo, however all opinions expressed are solely my own!  
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  1. Sounds like a fun little get together! I didn't know you grew up Mormon.. heck I didn't even know what Mormonism was until I moved out to Alberta 4 years ago! How nice that your parents let you choose what you wanted to believe in and didn't impose their beliefs on you too harshly.


  2. How fun! I've never heard of pairing gin with ginger ale either. I would be interested to see what you think about it if you do try it. I do really like the Canada Dry Ginger Ale but am not a big fan of gin (or gin and tonics - taste like pine needles to me!), but I might have to try that if the ginger ale masks the taste of the pine needles :)

  3. What an interesting back story! I am glad your parents are comfortable with your adult choices though. Im not a big gin person, but this looks good!


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