The Adventure Starts Here: Summer Fashion - for boys

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Fashion - for boys

Summer to me is all about easy and comfortable clothes.  For Noah, I love having tons of t-shirts for daytime and some cute button down shirts in bright colors for when we go to a BBQ or out to dinner. Noah has enough sneakers and even has some water shoes, but he needs some shoes to wear when it's too hot for socks but we aren't getting wet.  I think these Salt Waters will be perfect!  And I always love getting Noah new pajamas.  We keep our place pretty cool with the air conditioning, so Noah wears pants and long sleeves all year round.  I think this nautical set is very summery though :)

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  1. I'm dying for some saltwater sandals for Mason but my husband thinks they're too girly. Men. PS how do you make your collages? PicMonkey? What font is that? I love it!


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