The Adventure Starts Here: Moving Furniture

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Moving Furniture

We live in a small space and I feel like Noah deserves more space to walk around and play in.  Up until  recently, our living room was a multifunctional room.  It had Chris' desk with his computer and printer, our kitchen table that we barely used to eat on, and of course our couch, TV, and Noah's many toys!  We blocked Noah off from Chris' desk using some ottomans.  We also ended up storing things (extra cases of water and soda, his diaper bag, and other random stuff) back in that area where Noah couldn't get to it.  While this limited Noah's play space, it was working for us.  That is until Noah learned how to climb over the ottomans.  Once he learned how, that's all he wanted to do.   Honestly, I'm surprised we got away with it for so long.

After 2 days of constantly moving Noah back into the "approved" area made me realize we had to make a change.  We moved some things around in our bedroom and made some room to move the desk in there.  We also packed up a ton of stuff to take to my parents' basement.  We will be moving at the end of July when our lease is up.  So we decided that for our sanity, it would be best to pare down to the basics and store the rest until we move. This change has given more toy storage for Noah and more floor space for him to play.  He now has a little nook for all his books as well as his cars and trucks.  Noah loves it so far and I think he thinks of it like his own little space.  This was the best thing we could have ever done and I wish we did it earlier!

^^^ if we were gonna be here longer, I would hang some artwork about the console, but there really isn't a point. 


  1. Looks great! I don't know how you're doing it in such a small space! I am already itching to get the basement finished in our house because I feel lie we are running out of space, and we have 3 bedrooms!

  2. It looks really good! Our little guy was (still is) into EVERYTHING, so I feel your pain. Nothing is safe with these kids! I like that you put all his books there for easy access. But now that he's allowed to play there he probably wants nothing to do with them, right? :)

  3. Looks sooooo good! My fave is the book shelves with the baskets! I need something like that to store Mia's books and toys!

  4. Such a small change, but it really makes a huge difference in the layout of your room. I bet it feels better to have the room better situated. Good luck on your move.


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