The Adventure Starts Here: Mother's Day Weekend Recap

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

I have to say that this Mother's Day Weekend was pretty close to perfect.  We spent time with both of our families as well as some time just the three of us.  I know that I felt spoiled by my boys, and I hope that our moms felt the love as well :)

^^^ we had our friend, Ken, make these I LOVE GRANDMA and I LOVE NONNA shirts for Noah to wear when we went to each of their houses.  We had Noah wear a bib when we walked in and had our moms take the bib off to see the shirt... they both were surprised and loved it!

On Saturday, we headed over to Chris' parents' house after Noah's nap.  Chris' brother Justin (and his dog Louie) was also there for our Mother's Day BBQ.  We had a fun and relaxed afternoon.  It kept raining on and off, so we played a little bit and opened gifts inside, went outside to grill and take some pictures, and then went back inside for dinner and dessert.

^^^ funny story... Noah loves to dance!  He got this singing/dancing snowman for Christmas and likes to play with it every time we go over.  He presses play and then dances in a circle.  At my parents' house he does the same thing but with an Easter book that plays "Here Comes Peter Cottontail"!  

Noah is really good at throwing a ball, but Uncle Justin helped him catch the ball.. it was so cute.

Chris, Noah, and Nonna

 ^^^ Nonna and her boys

 ^^^ Thankfully it didn't rain while grilling.  Noah's burger was still on the grill when it started pouring.  Unfortunately Granddad got drenched bringing it in.

 ^^^ Noah enjoying some ice cream for dessert

On Sunday, Chris let me sleep in... which is always a great gift in my book.  When I got up, he and Noah gave me some beautiful peonies and some personalized cards.  I also got a Mother's Day balloon on the Saturday.

The weather was gorgeous, so we walked to a local restaurant/deli in town for a yummy breakfast outside.  We've been there before, but they've only recently opened the outside seating.  They advertise that they are pet friendly, and boy are they! I'd say they cater more towards the dogs than they do to children.  They have cushions on the chairs for the dogs to sit in and they attach a leash to their collar to keep them on the chair.  They had mini umbrellas for each dog to keep them out of the sun.  At first they wouldn't even give Noah one because "they were for the dogs", but eventually a waitress came over and said he needed an umbrella!  They also put bibs on the dogs and have special menus for them!  While this didn't help us, I can imagine it being really cool if you have a dog.  We still had a great time, and the Barbershop Quartet was an added bonus.  


Sunday afternoon, after Noah's nap, we went to my parents' house dinner.   My mom opened her gifts, we played (inside and out), and then my dad picked up some Cheesecake Factory takeout for dinner.

Noah, me, and Grandma

Noah is so funny when it comes to being outside.  We left him barefoot, and he did not want to step off the blanket.  I guess he finds the grass feels funny on his feet.  But that didn't stop him from finding leaves, dandelions, and he loved playing with the grass with my mom.

He eventually stepped off the blanket (but not for long) to play with some sticks with my dad.  My dad would give him one and then go get one for himself, but Noah just wanted to collect them all!

At dinner, Noah wanted to drink water like a "big boy" with my mom.  It ended the same way it always does, with Noah getting soaking wet!  I brought a change of clothes for him, but when he wanted to have a Dove Ice Cream Bar next, I decided to just strip him down to his diaper and let him get messy.  Surprisingly, the chocolatey mess stayed contained to his face.  While Noah enjoyed his ice cream bar, we had this yummy fruit tart.  I was so stuffed by the time we left!

What a wonderful weekend spent with our families.  The only thing I wish I had done was get a family picture of Chris, me, and Noah.  I will have to remember to get one at Father's Day!

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  1. Sounds like such a fun day!! And Noah takes such great pictures! I'm so jealous! I asked Mason to take a picture and he would squirm out of my arms and run away. Little stinker. Happy (belated) Mother's Day!


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