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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's The Little Things - Uncle Luke is back!

This past weekend, my little brother moved back home.  Luke has often lived far away from home.  He went to college in Canada, at the University of Toronto.  He then went to grad school in Chicago, at Northwestern University.  His last semester there, he had a placement back home in New Jersey, so he moved back home with my parents.  We were lucky to have him home from April til October, when he moved to Providence, Rhode Island for his first "real" job after graduation.  Just recently though, a permanent position opened up at the rehab center that he was placed at in New Jersey.  It's his dream job, so he accepted the offer and he's back!

We saw him Monday afternoon, and he even brought back some super fun stuff for Noah to play with.  Luke is a speech pathologist and at his previous job, he worked with kids a lot.  When you work with children, you observe a lot through play.  He bought this cash register and microwave toy for the kids to play with while he was observing their speech.  Noah loved scanning the items and sliding a credit card through the machine.  He also loved how the microwave would actually turn the food around inside!

Then it was time to go outside and play with the bubbles Luke had.  Noah even blew his first bubble!  Though we quickly learned that he's blowing out of his nose and not his mouth!  No wonder he's a pro at blowing his nose!

Not only did Luke just get a new job, but he is getting married at the end of November!  I can't believe Luke and Tyler are getting married in exactly 6 months!  It will be held in Toronto and I was beyond honored that Luke asked me to be his "best person"!  Even though there is almost a 4 year age difference, we have been pretty close through the years.  As children, I loved being the big sister who "took care of him".  In 2007, after he finished his freshman year and I had been working for one year, we travelled to Italy just the two of us.  There are few people I can travel with and not get in a single argument with ;)

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  1. Aww! LOVE this post :) So sweet that your brother asked you to be his person at their wedding. I hope you have a fun time in Toronto!

  2. This is such a sweet post! Yay for your brother being closer. Sounds like he would be lots of fun to have around as an uncle.

  3. What a sweet post. Thanks! Glad to be back :)

  4. What a sweet post! Glad to be back :)

  5. It is so nice to have family back! One of my brothers is getting ready to move and I am so sad


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