The Adventure Starts Here: It's the Little Things - Baths & Bottles

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's the Little Things - Baths & Bottles

Chris gives Noah his bath every night before bed.  Both Noah and Chris really enjoy this one on one time.  The few times I've had to give Noah his bath (cause Chris is working late), I can tell that it's just not the same for Noah.  I guess I don't do it "right".  Last night I came in to take some pictures, and Noah wanted to sing his favorite song, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".  I think we sang it at least a half a dozen times!  The first picture is how he tells us he wants to sing it.  And at the end we say "yay Noah" and he claps :)

While bath time is the fun part of our bed time routine, we have been working on the rest of it.  Two weeks ago we started weaning Noah off the bottles of milk.  He drinks them while I rock him to sleep at nap time and bed time.  He also drinks a lot during his multiple middle of the night wake ups.  One of Noah's doctors (who understands my desire for no crying it out) suggested getting rid of the nap time bottle first, then moving on to the bedtime bottle, and finally work on getting rid of the middle of the night bottles one at a time.  She suggested a week between eliminating each bottle.  I thought this seemed very reasonable, so I gave it a try.  The nap time bottle was easier to get rid of than I thought.  He fought it the first two days but the crying only lasted one Taylor Swift song (what we listen to while rocking).  Eventually there was barely any crying and he was asleep in minutes.  We had two days where he had a super short nap and no nap at all, and I admit I caved hoping the bottle of milk would make him fall asleep... I was wrong!

This past weekend I decided to try eliminating the night time bottle and even decided to try no bottle until after midnight.  I figured that if I had rough nights, I could at least sleep in since Chris was home.  It wasn't easy but we've made it until at least midnight every night before I had to give him milk.  He's now more accepting of water in a bottle.  

Never did I think that I'd be so worried about weaning my kid off bottles.  I hate hearing Noah cry, but I know this is inevitable and for the best.  It seems to help when I rock him and calmly tell him that I love him, I'm right there, and that he's my little man.  I think as long as he knows I'm there and haven't deserted him, we will be okay.  On a side note, I've decided to cut back on Diet Cokes as well.  I've gone 5 days without one so far!  Noah and I are both giving up something we've come to love ;)

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  1. I love that they have something like bath time that is just theirs. I know it makes it hard when you have to do it, and you can tell he doesn't like it as much, but it's still so sweet.

  2. Dad gives Aria her bath too. They both love it! I miss doing it with her though so we take showers together at least once a week just for fun. It is crazy how hard it is to hear your baby cry. It is like a physical force that you can't resist to go in and soothe them and love them. Just want those little ones happy!

  3. So sweet! It's actually kinda funny how they get used to a certain person doing a certain thing. I am the one that usually gives Mason a bath and I do certain things that Seth doesn't do when he gives Mason a bath. It's like he can tell. It's so funny how they like stability and a routine and if you throw them ware!


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