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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's The Little Things - Afternoons with Daddy!

This past weekend, Chris spent the afternoon with Noah while I was at a baby shower.  It's not everyday that they have a whole afternoon just the two of them.  They played, Chris fed him lunch, gave him a bath, and took him on a walk to the playground.  Chris sent me lots of pictures while I was out and I loved seeing them both have so much fun!  It's such a great feeling to see the two of them together.  

^^^ Chris made Noah a grilled cheese and gave him lots of yummy watermelon :)

^^^ since we were going to the Flinns for dinner that night, Chris gave Noah his bath earlier in the day in case he fell asleep on the car ride home (which he did).   

^^^ the robe Uncle Justin got Noah for Christmas.  

Since we are no longer giving Noah bottles to go to sleep, I've been the only one to put him to bed.  I figured it would be easiest for Chris to take him for a walk and have him fall asleep in his stroller.  He didn't sleep for long, but at at least it was something.   When he woke up, they played at a local playground before heading home.  

Daddy Noah afternoons are the best!

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  1. I just love days like this too. My husband gets so little time with our daughter during the week that weekends between the two of them are priceless! I love watching him be a father to our daughter!

    Visiting from the Little Things Link-up alycia @ Crazily Normal

  2. What a sweet day for both of them!

  3. Aww he's looking so grown up these days! Daddy days are so fun!

  4. How great to have some daddy and son bonding time!


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