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Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday

I love short weeks!  Even though Chris had to work late a couple of nights, it's not so bad since it's only a 4 day week.  I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend and hoping the forecast improves so we can go to the pool!  As usual, I'm linking up with DarciAprilChristina and Natasha's blogs for their Five on Friday!


Noah loves his music class.  We've been going to Wompy's every Friday since we started last Fall.  Noah has grown and changed so much since we started.  He's gone from sitting with me, to crawling, taking a few steps, to running around the room.  Noah used to have a problem giving back the musical instruments after each song, but now he happily puts them back in the bag all on his own.  He now actively participates in class and smiles when I say we are going to see Wompy.  

Today is our last class in the Morristown location.  Thankfully, they have another location close to our new house.  We will be starting there at their Monday class in the fall (we will be taking a break this summer to move and get settled in our house).  While the class will still be just as much fun, and we will meet new friends, it will be sad to leave the friends we've made.  We already knew two of the kids in the class from our MOMS club, but we met some new ones as well.  Last week we got some group shots of Noah and his friends... we will miss them all!


Noah can now blow bubbles in the water.  He may not say many words, but he's pretty advanced when it comes to blowing bubbles and blowing his nose ;)


Noah is finally getting more confident when we play outside.  When it started getting warmer and we would go to the playground, he would freeze like a statue when he would be on grass or mulch.  He would only climb up the playground if I was there right behind him.  Not anymore!  We went to a very toddler approved playground and he had a blast!  He was running around, going on the playground by himself, and even went down the slide all on his own (many times).  I'm so happy that this playground is around the corner from our new house!


Now that we've been having nice weather more consistently, I've been making an effort to go on a lot of walks.  I often go with a friend in the building and we take both of our kids for long walks around town.  I also like to take Noah to the park and then stop at the grocery store before heading home.

^^^ Noah always has to have his snack cup with him at all times!


We read Llama Llama Nighty-Night to Noah every night before bed.  One night, Chris made up actions for each line to the book, and it quickly became part of our routine.  Noah always perks up to watch him and laughs at the appropriate times.  Last night, Chris had to work late, and my mom had come for dinner and stayed to help me with bath and bedtime.  She was sitting with Noah on the glider and I started to read the book.  Noah got down onto the floor and started acting out the lines just like Chris does.  It was impressive and so funny to watch him do them all.

In case you aren't familiar with the book...

Dinner's over, tummy fed.
Llama Llama, time for bed!
Time to brush and fill the tub.
Time to splash and splash and scrub!
PJ's on, then potty time.
Choose a book with silly rhymes.
Snuggle in. Turn out the light...
Llama, Llama, nighty-night!

He pretended to chew (for dinner's over, tummy fed), he filled up the tub with water, and he even made the peeing sound (for potty time)!  When I read "turn out the light" he went over to the light switch to go turn out the lights... it was the cutest thing ever!  I'm so bummed Chris missed it and I really hope Noah will put on a repeat performance tomorrow night!


  1. SO CUTE he re-inacts the scenes from the book! We don't have that book but it sounds so cute! I think I might need to get it :)

  2. That last bit is too cute. I bet that is a great way for him to end the day! I'm super impressed with the bubble blowing, I just started trying to get Aria to do that in the pool we just blew up, but she is more of the blow until she gets to the water and then lick. haha, I'm sure she'll catch on eventually, right?!

  3. How adorable is your little guy?!?! I'm just a few weeks out from having a little boy (my first kiddo), and reading sweet posts like this gets me super excited about raising a boy! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. It's so nice that you live close to a playground! That will come in handy in the years to come!

  5. He is too cute! My kids like to have snacks around at all times too :)

  6. Hiya! Found you through the Link Up

    I love how all of your 5's are about your sweet little boy. Is that normal? I'm new around here!!!

    My son used to love the Llama Llama books!
    I used to love reading him the MAD AT MAMA one! especially when he was going through the Terrible 3's... Yuhhuh, not 2.. but 3!

    come check me out!


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