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Monday, May 12, 2014

Gifts for Grandma & Nonna/Getting Crafty

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!  We had a fantastic weekend celebrating our moms (Grandma and Nonna). My boys also made me feel extra special too.  I will be recapping all that tomorrow, but today I'm gonna talk about the gifts we got for our moms.

Chris and I gave our moms a potted flower (I think it's an orchid).  I love how they look and they seem easy to care for.  Noah gave his Grandma and Nonna a picture frame that had a picture of him as well as a handprint craft in it.  I always like the gifts from Noah to be a combination of store bought and handmade.  One day we will forget how little his hands were and these gifts will be nice keepsakes.  We also had some personalized Tshirts made for Noah to wear each day, but more on that tomorrow :)

For this holiday, I decided to get some neon colored Crayola paint and use Noah's handprint to make "flowers".  Originally, I thought I could get multiple handprints/flowers on the 5x7 sheet, you know since his hand is small.    But I quickly found out that wasn't gonna happen, so I just did one handprint and then drew the stem and leaf myself.  I used the pink paint for the flower since it's also Noah's favorite color :)

Some tips when doing crafts that involve paint and kids...

1.  Keep them contained.  I like to have Noah sit in his highchair for these kind of crafts.  It's easier to keep the paint off everything if all I have to do is hold his hand still, rather than keep him from running off as well!

2.  Use a makeup sponge applicator to apply a thin layer of paint to their hand (or foot).  It makes it so much easier to get an even layer on their hand.

3.  Once you've made the handprint on the piece of paper, move the paper immediately, so they can't grab it, rip it, or put more paint on it, while you are cleaning the child's hand.

4.  Finally, have baby wipes nearby.  I find this is the easiest way to clean the child's hand afterwards.

^^^ In order to get pictures of us doing the craft, I put the camera on the counter and used the remote. When I was done, Noah grabbed the remote and started clicking away!  He looks pretty pleased with himself huh?

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