The Adventure Starts Here: A Weekend Full of Birthdays!

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Weekend Full of Birthdays!

We had a very busy and fun weekend.  In addition to our normal plans, we had a 2 year old birthday party, Nonna's birthday dinner, and I went to my best friend's baby shower.  I will be sharing all the details from the shower tomorrow, but today is about the birthdays.

Saturday, we had Owen's 2nd Birthday Party from 2-5.  We know Owen (and Becky & Chris) from our MOMS Club.  They had an Elmo themed party for him at their house.  The weather was gorgeous and we were able to be outside the whole time!

^^^ My MOMS Club friends

^^^ for someone who just discovered Pinterest, she did an amazing job making Sesame Street themed things for the party!

^^^Noah was not interested in looking at the camera

^^^ Bubbles are always a huge hit!

^^^ The dads played with the kids and let the moms relax and chat :)


On Sunday afternoon, we headed over to the Flinns.  It was Nonna's birthday, and we celebrated with some Chinese takeout.  We gave Chris' mom a gift card to Home Goods and Noah made her a tissue paper stained glass craft.  We really lucked out with the weather this weekend and we were able to play out on the deck.  Noah loves playing with Uncle Justin's dog, Louie.

^^^ Noah gave Nonna a Birthday hug and kiss :)

^^^ the new "gate" for the deck.  Noah and Louie proof!

^^^ behind the scenes :)

Noah was really into giving hugs yesterday.  He kept going back and forth between me and Nonna giving hug after hug.  He even went around the kitchen table giving hugs to every family member.  He even hugged Louie!

^^^ we sang to Nonna and Justin, since we didn't get him a cake a few weeks ago


  1. what a weekend full of birthdays indeed but it makes for such a happy fun-filled weekend!


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