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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Day in The Life

I love reading other bloggers' "A Day in the Life" posts, so I decided I wanted to do them on a more routine basis.  I figured 4 times a year would be plenty and really show how our life changes and how it stays the same.  I did one in January and I also did one last year around this time as well.  It's really fascinating that while most things are very different from last year, many are exactly the same.  I also liked how Laura went into more detail with her last post and I decided to follow suit.

Today is Friday, May 2nd.  Chris is 36, I am 30, and Noah is 18 months old.

Last night, Noah woke up twice during the night and ended up in our bed like usual.  It's sad to say, but that was a decent night for us.

7:07… Noah wakes up for good and climbs on me to wake me up.  I wish him Happy Half Birthday, but he doesn't seem to care.  He just wants to get out of bed.  I take him into his room to change his diaper.  He's crying already, I worry that this is not a good start to the day.  We leave his room, and I let him turn off the lights.

7:20… Noah plays while I watch Elementary on the Tivo and catch up on some blogs.  At first he wants to sit right next to me, but soon he gets down and starts playing with his toys.

7:44… Noah comes to sit by me again, and I notice his nose is running and needs to be wiped.  I wonder if it's allergies or if he's getting his molars.  I go get us a bowl of Multigrain Cheerios to share.  We sit on the couch to eat it and he drips a little milk.  I'm too lazy to get up, so I use my pajama pants to clean it up… classy I know!

8:04… I buckle Noah into his high chair, give him some fruit and put Sesame Street on.   This way he will be happy and occupied while I go take a shower.

8:27… Out of the shower, I throw the towels in the wash, and decide I should clean the bathrooms today.  Noah is still happy, so I blow dry my hair and put some make up on.

8:51… Sesame Street is about to end, so I quickly unload the dishwasher.  Trying to do it with Noah around is impossible.  He always seems to grab the knives!

9:00… I get Noah dressed.  Today he's wearing his Superman shirt with cape.  My mom got it for him a while ago, and we just found it.  Noah then goes to the fridge, wanting a yogurt smoothie.  He ends up drinking two in a row.  He goes back for a third and cries when I tell him no.  Instead, I try to distract him by building a tower with blocks… yay it works!  I figure since he's wearing his Superman shirt, that we should do some "flying" (I lie on the ground and lift him up using my legs).

9:20… I start getting all of our bags ready.  We are only going out for an hour or so, but I make sure to bring some snacks just in case.

9:26… Out the door, make the long walk from our apartment to the parking garage.  Then I have to drive the long way down from the 5th floor down to the ground level… it gets annoying just driving in circles!

9:34… I catch myself signing along to the Bubble Guppies "Bugs" song in the car.  I think I may like the music more than Noah!  We get to music class a little early, but it gives us some time to talk to Miss Lauren and the other moms.

10:00… Wompy's starts.  Noah is super into class today and is following Miss Lauren around.  His favorite part though is always the bubbles!  After class ends I take a group photo of Noah and his friends from class.

10:47… Back in the car.  Before heading home today, I stop at the local bakery to pick up a cupcake for Noah's "Half" Birthday.  I was pleased to get parking right outside… love when that happens!  Noah got many compliments on his cute Superman shirt :)    Get back to my apartment and get stuck behind a huge truck pulling into the loading area.  I have to wait a while for him to back into his spot and let me through.  One disadvantage to living above a restaurant with frequent food deliveries.

11:15… We are back home and I start getting lunch ready for Noah.  I make him grilled cheese today with a side of pears.  We eat lunch while watching an episode of Bubble Guppies.

11:44… I switch the towels from the washer to the dryer, clean the frying pan I used for the grilled cheeses, and load the dishwasher.

11:50...  I clean up Noah's toys and Noah helps me vacuum.  It's his new favorite thing to do now!

12:35… Nap time!  We have just started weaning him off the bottle.  This week we are working on getting rid of the bottle for nap.  I was able to rock him to sleep with no bottle today and very limited crying.  I'm so glad this is going easier than I expected.

12:53… Noah is asleep in his crib and I quickly clean the bathrooms and wash the kitchen floor.

1:14… Time to relax!  I go on my laptop while watching Black Box on the Tivo.

1:25… Well that didn't last long… I see Noah is awake and standing up in his crib.  I go in and rock him back to sleep.

1:54… I decide instead to just bring him into bed with me and we both take a nap.

3:20… Noah wakes up.  I give him some water and a string cheese.  He barely eats the string cheese and then decides to spit the water on the floor instead of drinking it.  I put the clean towels back in the bathroom and realize that the bath rug for our hall bath got shredded in the dryer :(  Noah still wants a snack, so I give him a straw cup of milk and a cookie.  He drinks the milk, but takes a few bites of the cookie and then throws it on my newly cleaned floor.

4:01… I get Noah changed and we are out the door again.  This time we went to visit a friend from the MOMS club who just had a baby last week.  We brought the older kid his birthday gift (from last week) and a little toy for the baby.  We ended up staying longer than I originally expected, because we went with them down the street to a park. Noah went down the slide and on the swings, but he was a little clingy and preferred to just be held while I spoke with my friend.

6:05… We arrived back at him and I got to work on preparing dinner.  Noah had some peaches and pear juice while I made some chicken fried rice.  Chris had to work late, so I made dinner for Noah and I and put the rest in the fridge for Chris to eat later.

6:45… Noah did pretty well with the rice, but it was a pain to clean up afterwards.  Originally we were gonna give Noah his cupcake as dessert and sing to him, but since Chris had to work late, we decided to hold off and just do it the next day.

7:14… Everything is cleaned up.  I decide to skip Noah's bath.  Chris usually gives him his bath and he has swim class early Saturday morning and will get a bath afterwards anyway.  Instead, Noah just plays with his toys before bed.

8:00… I get Noah into his pajamas and we read "Little Blue Truck" while he drinks his bottle.  We will work on getting rid of this bottle next week.

8:30… Noah is asleep and in his crib when Chris gets home from work.  He is exhausted after a long day at work.  He said he grabbed some pizza at Penn Station before catching his train.  We will have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow instead.  We watch some TV and I go on the computer before going to bed.

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  1. I just did a DITL post also (to be posted soon!) and I feel like you narrated my day also! Mason woke up in the middle of the night crying... he tries to grab everything (mainly knives) from the dishwasher...and spitting out water/food. Nice to know I'm not alone :)


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