The Adventure Starts Here: Weekend Recap | Happy 40th Anniversary!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Recap | Happy 40th Anniversary!

We had a VERY busy weekend!  Busy, productive, and fun.  Saturday morning we started very early with Noah's 8 am swim class.  We dress Noah in his rash guard and sweatpants at home and change him into his swim diaper and swim suit when we get there.  When we got there, his swim suit was not in the bag!  Somehow it fell out after I packed his bag last week!  So embarrassing since Noah owns half a dozen very nice bathing suits... oh well these things happen I guess.  

Then we went and got Noah's hair cut… his third one.  It was getting a little messy in the back and had been too long to gel for a few weeks.  This time I was prepared and asked for a smock for myself as well.  I'm glad I did, cause while he was fine at first, once she turned the tv on (used to distract the kids) it all came back to him and he started crying before she even began!  I had to hug him the whole time, keeping him seated and still.  At least with the smock, I wasn't covered in hair at the end of it!  At first we thought kid haircuts were way overpriced, but after the last two visits, we think they are worth every penny considering what they go through!  Thankfully he recovers quickly and has a cute hair cut to show for it.  

Then we went to Ikea and The Container Store... We didn't buy much but scoped some things out for the future.  We then met some friends for lunch at the nearby Shake Shack. This was Noah's third time and he's now been to locations in three states!  

We were supposed to go to a birthday party in the afternoon, but Noah slep through it!  He hasn't had the best naps lately so I didn't dare wake him.  When he finally woke up, we went to my parents' house for a very relaxed dinner... I didn't even change out of my sweats ;)

Sunday was definitely more relaxed.  Chris let me sleep in... which was amazing and just what I needed.  We hung out inside during the day and then went to Chris' parents house in the late afternoon.  Noah played with Louie (Uncle Justin's dog) and he and Nonna even had a little dance party!  

We then headed out to dinner at The Stone House to celebrate Uncle Justin's birthday and Chris' parents' 40th Anniversary!  

Noah ate well, but after he finished all he wanted to do was walk around.  We each took turns following him around.  The restaurant had nice grounds outside, and that's where he wanted to be!  We've learned that nice restaurants have to be put on hold and instead we should just eat in for the time being.  It makes for a more enjoyable time for everyone involved.

The weekend was great but went by way too fast!  I guess the universe didn't think it was complete, so we ended the night with Noah throwing up all over me and his glider.  I was worried he got my stomach bug but now I think it was just eating his dinner way too fast and having too much milk before bed.  It's annoying to clean up as his room smells horrible, but at least he's fine and happy now :) 

I also want to wish Chris' parents a very happy 40th Anniversary today!  


  1. The video of Noah dancing with his Nonna is adorable! What a cutie!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Poor kid though… traumatized by the hair cut place. At least he looked cute afterward!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Poor kid though… traumatized by the hair cut place. At least he looked cute after though! :)


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