The Adventure Starts Here: It's The Little Things - The Good And The Not So Good

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's The Little Things - The Good And The Not So Good

I find that most days are filled with good little things and not-so-good little things.  Unfortunately, I sometimes let those not-so-good things put me in a bad mood and "ruin" my day.  These last few days have definitely been filled with both.  

Good little thing:  Noah slept in until 7:30 AM on Monday.

Not-so-good little thing: Once awake, I had to get to work on cleaning Noah's glider and carpet trying to get the puke smell out.

Good little thing: Noah had a 3 hour nap!

Not-so-good little thing: Noah has been throwing legos and wooden train tracks at me and pulling my hair.

Not-so-good little thing: Noah woke up multiple times during the night and got up at 6:30am on Tuesday.

Good little thing: Watching Noah imitate some argentine tango moves on Dancing with the Stars this morning… hilarious!

Not-so-good little thing:  Noah boycotted his nap resulting in 45 minutes of crying and then a lot of clingyness.

Good little thing: Enjoying some Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream with Noah

Not-so-good little thing: After coming back for 5+ bites, he decided he wasn't a fan and spit it out right on my couch (thank goodness for leather)

Good little thing: He finally went to sleep at 3:45 and slept for over 2 hours

During the day, the not-so-good things seemed to be overpowering the good things and I was really losing my patience.  But looking back, there were just as many good/great moments and I should really try to not let these little things bug me.  We all have these days, and sometimes we just need to vent so that we can start fresh the next day.  I'm hoping today goes a little better :)

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  1. Oh Meghan I can so relate with this one! Honestly, being a stay at home mom is the hardest job in the world! I work very part time and when I do get a couple of days out of the house a week at work, as much as I miss Scarlett it is a blessing! This week is the week Adam is away so I am being the SAH mom and it is a thousand times harder than working!

    Props to you for finding the good in the not so good! xo

  2. Exactly! Some days seem way too full of not so good. Just have to take that breathe and think of all the good that gets overshadowed. Some days just seem so much harder to do that.


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