The Adventure Starts Here: Hunting for Easter Eggs

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hunting for Easter Eggs

On Saturday, we went to my parents' house for a an Easter Egg Hunt.  Noah has been "practicing" all month long with his basket and plastic eggs :)  Of course we had to "hide" the eggs in plain sight and Noah needed a little bit of help, but I think he had a blast!  

After collecting all his eggs, we went outside to play with his Easter gift… the T-Ball set.

It was all fun and games until I told Chris to pretend to hit the ball towards me for a picture.  So much for pretending, cause he really hit the ball right at me and hit me in the knee.  Thankfully it didn't hurt, and we both said afterwards that we were more concerned that it might hit the camera (funny where our priorities are!).  I think these three pictures tell a pretty funny story, especially the last photo when Chris realizes he hit me!

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  1. hahaha, that last picture cracks me up! Good thing it was a kid ball =) Hey, those cameras don't run cheap - I'd be concerned about that too. My husband tossed water on Aria (outside) but it sloshed me while I was taking pictures and I had a second freak out before I made sure it didn't touch my camera.
    Looks like a really pleasant Easter to me, love that he got a Tball set. So cute!


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