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Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!  We had a fantastic weekend full of beautiful weather and time spent with family… and we have lots of pictures to show for it!  Noah was a very lucky boy… not only did the Easter Bunny bring him a basket to our house, but he got baskets from both sets of grandparents and his Uncle Justin as well!  From all his goodies, I've learned Noah is a happy boy if you give him some plastic eggs and some bubbles ;)

^^^ from the Easter Bunny

^^^ from Grandma and Grandpa (my parents)

^^^ from Nonna and Granddad (Chris' parents)

^^^ from Uncle Justin (Chris' brother)

Since Easter morning was going to be pretty hectic, the Easter Bunny delivered Noah's basket to our apartment on Saturday.  Noah loved looking at all his goodies.  He wasn't a fan of the ears at first, so I ended up wearing them instead :)  He loved shaking the eggs and his favorites were the jelly beans (first time having them) and the Cadbury Eggs.

Saturday afternoon, we headed over to my parents' house for an Easter Egg Hunt (more on that tomorrow) and dinner.  Noah opened his Easter basket from my parents.  He loved the wagon and we were shocked when he was able to pull it around completely full!  My parents also got him a little T-Ball set.  Chris had a blast helping Noah hit the ball.  

On Easter Sunday, we went over to Chris' parents' house to see them and Uncle Justin before heading over to brunch.   Noah's baskets were filled with so many cute things.  Our favorites were the NOAH puzzle, the Fisher Price radio, and of course the bubbles!

Before heading to brunch, we went out on the deck and got some cute pictures outside.  I'm absolutely loving this weather!

This year, we went to brunch at the Basking Ridge Country Club, just like we do every year.  This year, my parents joined us as well.  The food was great and Noah did amazing!  He ate a bunch of food (I think he liked the variety) and then had fun walking around exploring.

^^^ Noah and his grandparents

He even met a little girl name Scarlett (15 months).  They became friendly quickly and I'm pretty sure we can consider this Noah's first girlfriend!  Noah held her hand and lead her around and then showed her all his cool toys!

As you can see, we had an amazing Easter!  Holidays really are more fun with a kid and it just keeps getting better!

Happy Easter from the Flinns!


  1. After reading about all these Easter baskets in blogland I am convinced that The Easter Bunny is serious competition for Santa. :)

  2. What a lucky boy! Love your easter dress!

  3. How cute! Man, that kid moves fast! You're going to have to watch him when he gets to high school ;) And that wagon is SO CUTE! Do you know where they got it? Target maybe?


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