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Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday

This has been an interesting week!  We started off the week with Noah being sick.  Then he started feeling better, but wasn't into napping.  Thankfully it was super nice outside on Thursday, so we were able to spend the morning outside!


Baseball season has officially started and the Mets had their first game on Monday (unfortunately they lost).  Noah is ready!  Wearing his Mets shirt and throwing the Mets ball my mom got him.  This kid has a great arm!


Like I said, Noah was pretty sick earlier this week.  We had a lot of play dates scheduled, but on Sunday he felt crummy and his nose was running nonstop.  He had a horrible night sleep both Saturday and Sunday night, and Monday he woke up feeling really warm.  I took him to the doctor and he had a 102.5 fever and a double ear infection (fluid in one and puss in the other).  He's now on an antibiotic for the ear infection and taking Tylenol for the fever.  I am so thankful to have my mom nearby.  After a couple of super bad nights, it was really helpful to have her come over so I could take a nap.  Thankfully he had a good sleep on Monday night… with me :)


So I have to admit that I'm a fan of Dancing with the Stars.  I've watched from the very beginning and I think there was only one or two seasons that I didn't watch.  So far my favorite is "DJ from Full House" and I also like that guy James who is partnered with Peta.  This past week they picked their most memorable year and danced a song that represented it.  There were so many emotional stories and I was in tears for the majority of the show.


Is this not the cutest thing!  This Jokin' and the John Bunny is from Hallmark and he's just like our Jolly and the John from Christmas.  Chris (and I) love this sort of "bathroom humor" and I have a feeling Noah will love it too!

The snowman sings this song ''HO HO HO who’s gotta go? HO HO HO who’s gotta go? Here in the bathroom, don’t mind me! I’m here to keep you company!"  He also says the following phrases "Whatcha doin’? On second thought, never mind!", ''Pull up a seat and make yourself comfy!'', "If you need any presents wrapped, I’ve got plenty of paper in here!'', ''Are you okay? You look a bit flushed! Get it? Flushed!"

And the bunny sings "Well, come on in and sit right down.  You gotta have a happy place to go!  If you like this spot, come back a lot!  'Cause it really is a happy place to go!".  He also says the following phrases  "Hello, hello, and happy Easter!" "Come on in and plant your keynoter!" " Howdy there, I saved you a seat, so bounce your tail on up!"  "This is the best place to be at Easter! Yep, it's always a POTTY when I'm in here!"


Ever since Noah stopped eating baby food pouches on a regular basis, I've worried about him not getting enough veggies.  My dad recently bought a fancy Omega J8006 masticating juicer so that he could juice leafy vegetables and not get all the chunks in it like a regular blender.  This past week, we decided to make a green smoothie for Noah to try.  We tried strawberry, mango, spinach with some greek yogurt and ice and it turned out really good.  My dad juiced a little bit of spinach, we blended the fruit and greek yogurt, and then added the spinach juice to the smoothie.  Noah loved it!

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  1. Love that pic of him with the ball! He is so cute!

  2. His hair is so cute up in a faux hawk! And, love the bathroom things - too funny.

  3. We are loving that baseball season has started too! Unfortunately our team lost the first game too... the Angels. Looks like we will have a rivalry going on next week! Go Angels :)


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