The Adventure Starts Here: Easter Sunday Fashion

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Sunday Fashion

We will be going to a country club for brunch again this year for Easter.  I find the weather for Easter is always unpredictable.  That's why I like to pick an outfit that isn't ridiculous looking if we are still having cooler temps.  Originally I was deciding between these two options pictured below.  I have Option 2 in my closet and I'm still waiting for Option 1 to arrive.  But then, I was walking through the mall with my mom last week and we saw this dress!  We immediately went in to try it on and I'm in love!  

During this same shopping trip, we were on the hunt for the nude wedges pictured below.  Our mall used to have a whole Nine West store, but we found out it closed :(  We tried Macy's and while they didn't have these particular shoes, they had a really pretty two toned natural sandal (here they are in a different color combo) that I got instead.     (Sidenote… my feet grew during pregnancy and haven't gone back down!  So all the shoes I had and loved from my working days, no longer fit me.  It's very sad!)   I will probably just end up using a purse I already have (since Chris brings me home Tommy Hilfiger bags all the time) but I think this gray snake skin purse is so cute and would go with so many outfits!

Dress #1 | Dress #2 - from Banana Republic | Cardigan

Do you dress up for Easter?   Have you picked out your outfit yet?  Will you try to match with your family?


  1. I like option two! And I always get a new Easter dress and dress up the kiddos. I love it! I actually told Kev that when I die I want everyone to dress like it's easter (not because I'm like Jesus but because I like bight colors and big hats haha), not in black. He of course thought I was a weirdo for telling him this, but it is totally true ;)

  2. Umm hi. I might need you to pick out my wardrobe for me everyday! First LOVING those swimsuits you picked and now LOOOOOOOVING that dress #1. Please tell me how it fits! I've never ordered from that store online (or heard of it so I'm glad you enlightened me) so I'd love to know. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!


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