The Adventure Starts Here: Easter Sensory Bin

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Sensory Bin

A friend of mine from the MOMS Club and I decided to do an "art class" with our boys each week.  Her son used to go to a "real" art class, but there were some scheduling issues because she's due with her second child (who she's having tomorrow!!!).  So we decided that instead, we would do an informal art class each week at our own homes.  I planned a few Easter crafts, but unfortunately our first two weeks had to be rescheduled.  We finally met up earlier this week and had a lot of fun!

We did an Easter Egg Sun Catcher as well as a Spring themed sensory bin.  Unfortunately I only have a picture of the final product of the sun catcher, since we were busy helping them actually do the craft.

For the sensory bin, I filled a shallow plastic box with different colored and textured grass (the kind you use in Easter baskets).  I then filled it with a bunch of Spring/Easter items that I found at Michaels and Target.  I had plastic eggs, a chick that wound up (and would swim in water), some squishy birds that also light up, some fake flowers, "egg scissors" that the kids could practice picking up the plastic eggs with, some shovels, and a pail filled with cotton balls.

The boys had a lot of fun with the sensory bin.  They were first a little hesitant about touching the different textures, but once we showed them what they could do, they got right into it.  While it took some effort getting all the items to fill the box with, I totally think it was worth it.  And it's so easy to then put the lid on the box and store for another day.  Since this is also a Spring and not just Easter themed sensory bin, I will definitely bring this out for Noah to play with again.  

We have so much fun getting together with our friends.  I love how they "talk" to each other.  JP was even telling jokes, and apparently Noah thought they were funny since he couldn't stop laughing :)

Chris was home on Wednesday, and they played with it some more!  I'm so glad it's getting some use!


  1. Love the sun catcher, I'm bookmarking that for next year! Great idea for the sensory bin with the grass and egg scissors. i think I might copy that one this year!

  2. Two questions : 1. where did you find out how to do that sun catcher?! I love it! It turned out so good! And 2. where did you get those fabric letters on your fridge? I've been dying to get Mason some!


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