The Adventure Starts Here: Birthday party for a 2 year old!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Birthday party for a 2 year old!

This weekend, we went to our friend, JP's, 2nd birthday party.  We know JP (and Nesa) through the MOMS Club.  JP isn't turning 2 until the end of May, but since his little sister is expected to arrive by the end of the month, they had his birthday party a little early.  It was at the Little Gym and we all had such a fun time!

When we first got there, the adults took off their shoes and the kids went barefoot, and we had some time for free play.  Noah was a little shy at first, but loved playing with the balls.   He also seemed to really like this one guy who worked there.  After everyone got there, the staff started some activities with the kids.  They handed out shakers, more balls, did the parachute, and had them jump around on this inflatable "trampoline".  Noah doesn't really like the parachute just yet, so he helped Chris from the outside.  

 ^^^ This picture cracks me up… boys can be so rough!

After playing around in the gym, we headed into the party room for pizza and cake.   Noah sat down and immediately started chowing down.  This was the first time he's ever eaten a slice of pizza like a big kid instead of us cutting it into pieces.  We were shocked!  I guess all that running around really made him hungry!

Then it was time for cake!  They got the cake at the same bakery where we got Noah's 1st Birthday cake.  We've used them many times and have never had any problems.  But Nesa told me that when they went to pick up the cake, they spelled "Birthday" wrong… they forgot the R!  They tried to squeeze it in but it looked really bad, so they had to redo the cake.  Thankfully the cake was still super delicious!

All the kids took home this super cute personalized basket.  They are made out of soft plastic and the boys have cars and the girls have flowers.  Noah wanted to open it as soon as we got home and started filling it up with things immediately!  

It was a really fun afternoon!  Noah had so much fun in a gym like setting, that when we got home he was trying to climb off the couch like a monkey.  I guess I should get him in a gym class pronto!

Happy (early) Birthday JP!

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