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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Date

For Christmas, I gave Chris "A Year of Dates".  On Christmas, he opened a stack of envelopes, one for each month of 2014.  Inside the envelopes are pre-planned (and some pre-paid) dates for us to enjoy each month.  At the beginning of each month, we open the envelope and schedule a day to go on the date.   I will be recapping our dates each month.  

We had to improvise a little this month.  Originally, when I planned the dates back in December, I figured we would go see a broadway show in April.  We often get tickets for a new show as my birthday gift.  But since we decided to go to Florida for my birthday this year, we opted against going to a broadway show as well.  So I told Chris to start thinking of things he'd want to do for our April date.  Then when I was seeing Divergent with a girlfriend, the preview for Draft Day came on and we both said our husbands would love to see it!  We decided to plan a double date and go see it together when it came out in April.  And that's how our April date was planned!

Unfortunately, our friends weren't able to get a babysitter, so we ended up going on our own.  The movie theater in our town recently changed ownership, from Clearview to AMC and went under a lot of renovations.  It's halfway done, and so far what we've seen is really nice!  They have super comfortable seats that fully recline!  Considering how sleep deprived we are, I'm surprised we didn't fall asleep in those amazing chairs!  We have limited pictures from our date, and they aren't great quality, but regardless, we had a super fun time!

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  1. stop it with those seats- I would never make it through the movie!


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