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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Big 30! - The Little Things

So I am officially 30 now!  My birthday was on Monday, but we've been celebrating for almost a week!  We went to Miami Beach last week for it (I will be doing a full recap about it soon) and we had some birthday celebrations with family this past weekend.   I am one lucky girl who was seriously spoiled!

Saturday evening, we went to Ruth's Chris for dinner with my parents.  We were a little worried about how Noah would do at a restaurant after a week of eating out on vacation and since he now just wants to walk and hates sitting for too long.  Thankfully my mom came prepared with her "Mary Poppins Bag" full of goodies for Noah.  In it was some special markers that only works on the Crayola paper, a magna doodle, some cars, and her iPad.  It kept Noah entertained for a while, but eventually nothing worked and we ended up bringing dessert home instead.

We then came back to our apartment for cake and the traditional Happy Birthday singing and candles.

^^^ Noah loved sticking the candles in the icing and feeding it to me

On Sunday, we went over to Chris' parents' house for lunch.  Chris picked up a cake for dessert and we sang happy birthday again.

Monday was my actual birthday.  Originally they called for quite a bit of snow, but thankfully they were wrong!  Chris had to work, but Noah and I went to lunch with my mom.  That evening, Chris picked up some yummy Pad Thai and we had yet another cake… an ice cream cake this time!

^^^ good thing we hadn't lit the candles yet!  Noah grabbed that candle so fast!

I really had an amazing birthday and felt very loved!  I'm excited for 10 more years of "little things"!

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  1. Happy Birthday! My birthday is this week as well. :) Looks like you had many fun celebrations!

  2. Happy belated birthday!! Love Ruth's Chris... and totally craving birthday cake now!

  3. Welcome to the 30 club- it is not so bad here ;)

  4. sounds like the perfect way to celebrate... 3 times! happy birthday!


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