The Adventure Starts Here: Noah is 16 Months!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Noah is 16 Months!

Noah officially turned 16 months on Sunday.   Here's what's been going on with Noah this past month!

What's New:
Noah is now officially a toddler in my eyes.  Since he was a late walker, I still viewed him as my baby. But now that he's walking everywhere, he really looks like a little boy.  The new shoes and gelled hair just adds to it.

He wears 18-24M in pants and tshirts.  But he wears a 2T in things like sweaters and the new spring jacket we got him.  I also like getting him 2T in the fitted PJs since those things are so tight otherwise!  We also got him new shoes this month and he wears a size 7!

A lot of the same in this area.  We had a really bad night right before the molar broke through.  But the norm around here is coming into bed with us between midnight and 1 am and then waking up one other time wanting a bottle.  When he got the cold, he went to bed at 7pm, woke up a few times in the middle of the night, but slept tip 8:45am… craziness!  He actually slept better while we were on vacation.  I guess being outside all day helped!

Noah has become very independent and likes to feed himself now!  He's pretty good at using a spoon and fork on his own.  He still goes through phases of liking the baby food or wanting nothing to do with it.

Two new teeth popped through this month.  Just like in the past, we were so focused on the last molar coming through, that I was unaware that his first canine was also about to come in.  I've read that the top teeth usually come in first, but Noah got his bottom middle teeth before his top ones as well, so I'm definitely not surprised.  Teething this time was no fun (like usual) and he was drooling non stop.  He also went through a phase of trying to bite me, and succeeded one or two times.

Noah says mama for EVERYTHING!  He also says "ama" (grandma) for my mom.  Now if he'd only say dada (he's said it before, but has stopped).  Sometimes he will say bye, but more often he waves instead.  He also says vroom vroom when he plays with his cars.

To walk!  It's amazing to see Noah go from taking a few steps last month to now walking everywhere! His new favorite "toy" is my hair dryer.  It's hilarious to watch him walk around with it!

When we put the vacuum away!  It's funny, cause when he was super little he cried when we would vacuum.  Now he loves it and loses it when we put it away.  He also isn't a fan of diaper changes or getting dressed.  While on vacation he started doing a high pitched cry when getting changed.

Florida!  Noah went on his first airplane this month!  


  1. Noah is just too darn cute! 16 months is such a fun age where they really start learning all kinds of fun things! I'm a new follower and have a 3 year old daughter. Learning all about little boys is so interesting to me since I have not gone through that and hopefully one day we might welcome a baby boy into our family!


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