The Adventure Starts Here: Miami - Day 2

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Miami - Day 2

I'm back again today recapping our wonderful mini vacation to Miami.  Today I'm recapping our second day in Miami Beach, and you can read about Day 1 here.  

Wednesday was our first full day and we knew that we wanted to spend outside at the pool and/or beach.  We had originally planned to do the pool in the morning and beach in the afternoon, but we only ended up doing the pool cause Noah's nap went a little later than I expected.  

Noah woke up early and really wasn't interested in baby food, yogurt, or sharing my cereal with me.  We got down to the pool by 8 am, and Noah seemed a little hesitant.  He only wanted to sit on my lap and when we tried bringing him into the pool, he didn't want to go in.  We also tried getting a picture of him and Chris sitting in the hammock, but he immediately started crying.  I decided to spare you from seeing pictures of Noah upset in both situations.  Instead we just let him take his time and get used to his surroundings.  

Thankfully it didn't take too long...

We then started to explore the pool area.   The resort had these beautiful birds out on display and Noah had fun just staring at them.  

I think the fruit infused water was Noah and Chris' favorite part!  I'm not sure if it was the fruit flavor or just drinking out of a plastic cup that Noah liked more ;)

They even had this guy who walked around with a "rain maker".  His job was to keep the birds away from the pool and bar area… how smart!

We then decided we should get some fruit for Noah to eat since he still hadn't had a real breakfast.  The fruit platter they sold in the hotel store was HUGE, so we all shared it.  In between feeding Daddy, Noah finally ate!

Even though the hotel was right on the beach, they also had this really cool sand area with lounge chairs that was right next to the pool area.  Chris picked up some beach toys at Target, and they had so much fun playing together.  

Now that Noah was more comfortable and acting like himself, we tried the pool again.  And this time he LOVED it!  Chris picked up these soft balls at Target as well, and he had so much fun reaching for them (and chewing on them).  

^^^ Noah and I sporting our sunglasses.  This wasn't the easiest picture to get since he immediately took the sunglasses off every time I put them on him! 

Then it was time for some lunch!  I love eating by the pool and that's one of my favorite things to do when on vacation.  And this pool restaurant had a really good menu!  I got a "caprese" panini, Chris got a chicken salad wrap, and we got Noah some chicken fingers.  I didn't realize that they gave us the adult meal instead of the kids' meal for Noah, but we didn't complain since those chicken fingers were AMAZING!  Noah gobbled them up and had a blast playing with all the condiments!  The simple joys in life ;)

After lunch it was time for a nap, and boy did he fall asleep fast!  Chris left the room to make some phone calls and I did some reading during Noah's nap.   Noah slept later than I expected, so once he got up, we had just enough time to play a little and get ready for dinner (since we got early reservations since traveling with a baby).  

^^^ Noah and Chris loved playing this game of "rolling" Noah over using this oversized pillow.  The bed really did become Noah's playground 

 ^^^ not only was the toilet in it's own separate room, but the door had a frosted glass insert.  Noah (and Chris) had a little too much fun putting their faces up against the glass!  

That night we headed further south to Tongue & Cheek.  Chris found all of the restaurants through Yelp reviews.  They were all delicious and I love that he does all this research beforehand so it isn't a scramble each night.  Since we had 6 pm reservations, and it was a Wednesday, the place was EMPTY!  If it was just us, it would have been kind of embarrassing.  But since we had Noah with us, I really liked it.  While we waited for our food, we were able to let Noah walk around.  I wouldn't have felt comfortable doing that if there were people at neighboring tables.  

We had the mussels appetizer, I got a lamb ragu pasta, Chris got a hamburger, and we ordered Noah the grilled cheese from their kids' menu.  Noah only at a quarter of the sandwich, so Chris and I had to finish the rest.  And let me tell you, that was the BEST grilled cheese I've ever had.  I wanted to order off the kids' menu myself next time!  The bread they used was the kind you'd use for french toast… delicious!  We also ordered the Cracker Jack Milkshake with an "Almond Joy" for dessert, also delicious.  While we waited for it, we entertained Noah by pushing his toy cars back and forth… he thought it was hilarious!

I will be back tomorrow to recap Day 3, but first I had to share this little story.  When we arrived in Miami Beach, Chris was super excited about being on A1A because of the Vanilla Ice lyric.  First thing Wednesday morning, he made us go for a walk to get a photo under the street sign… whatever makes him happy ;)

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