The Adventure Starts Here: It's the Little Things - Getting Ready for Easter!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's the Little Things - Getting Ready for Easter!

St. Patty's Day is long gone, so we have now switched over to Easter in our apartment.  I've mentioned before that since Noah has become mobile, our decorating has taken a hit.  I can no longer have picture frames (or anything breakable) on the side tables or anywhere he can reach.  As a result, it really limits me when decorating for a holiday.  Regardless, I still like to decorate to get me in the mood for each coming holiday.

This year I put up my regular decorations, but I also added a few new items that I thought Noah might like (or at least not destroy).  I updated our welcome sign, put up my EASTER blocks, and put my favorite Easter candy into this cute bunny dish.  I also made this SPRING banner :)

^^^ pictures of us from last Easter :)

^^^ my friend Jill gave me this bunny dish a few years ago for my birthday!  I love filling it with my favorite Easter candy… Cadbury eggs!  It doesn't look like they sell this dish anymore, but check out this and this one.

^^^ in our next place I need my real desk back, some curtains, and a mantel!!!

^^^ I made this banner on Photoshop.  If you'd like the files to print one out at home, let me know :)

In addition to the decorations that Noah isn't allowed to touch, I added some toddler friendly fun as well!  We got some new Easter books this year.  Originally I thought I would put them in his basket, but I figured we'd have more fun reading them all month rather then get them on actual Easter.  I got this little fabric bucket for Noah and filled it with plastic eggs.  He LOVES taking them out and putting them back in (or rather we put them back in).  Keeps him entertained for hours… literally!  I also swapped out the foxes that normally sit on Noah's chair for his Peter Rabbit and Lambie!

^^^ this is Noah's super excited face.  It's when he's saying "haaa" cause he's overcome with joy!

While decorating for holidays may seem silly, I think it's these little things that help us all get into the holiday spirit.  I hope that one day Noah will look back and appreciate that I put some effort into making these holidays special :)

^^^ I plan to bring this to Easter Sunday Brunch with us and fill it with some goodies to keep Noah entertained while we eat :)

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  1. Love all your pretty and springy decor! Very adorable and I love that Easter dish as well!

  2. Love that bunny dish AND the Cadbury mini eggs! I eat them all day long! Also, nice work on the Spring banner. Love those colors.

  3. I agree - I think it is all about those little extras you do for your child/ren that makes their growing up more magical! I think they will appreciate and look back fondly when they are older. I know I do! Esp all the little extras my family did with me around Christmas. I love that bunny dish, how cute. And, I didn't even think to put some plastic eggs in a basket for Aria... I bet she will get a kick out of that plus it is festive! I'm still working on getting out our Easter decor, mainly because I didn't have any before and I am DIY-ing it all =) Eggs everywhere!

  4. So fun! We have that same Duck and Goose book from last year and are about ready to start reading it again. I love his face when he's playing with the eggs. Such a good idea to just fill a basket with empty eggs for playing with. Totally doing that!

  5. Those Cadbury eggs are no joke. I'm obsessed with them!

  6. SO cute! You are probably smart to stick to bunnies for now. Maybe Ill get that book written before Noah turns 4 ;)


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