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Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  I am so ready for the weekend!  We are going over to a friend's house for dinner on Sunday.  We also plan to do our taxes… oh what fun!  Here's my Friday Five...


I just signed Noah up for the Spring session of swim lessons.  We wanted the Saturday class so Chris could do the class with him like in the past.  Sign up started on Tuesday night, and I planned to go, but I forgot!  Wednesday afternoon I called hoping I could do it over the phone.  They said I could, but the Saturday classes were completely full :(  We are on the wait list and instead signed up for the Wednesday morning class.  I'm happy to take him to the class during the week, but I feel bad for Chris that he won't be doing the class with Noah.  Hopefully the wait list will clear.

^^^ check out that hair in the back!  Pre-haircut :)


This week Noah and I went to a play date at the local Children's Museum.  It was a lot of fun, but the place was PACKED because of a preschool field trip.  Noah had fun staring at the older kids, but it made it harder on me since I had to follow close behind him to make sure he didn't get trampled or lost.


Noah has been going through a "not eating" stage.  It's really tough trying to find things that he will actually eat.  Thankfully he will usually eat fruit.  And Wednesday I was able to get him to eat yogurt AND goldfish crackers after his nap… WIN!


I went outlet shopping with a friend on Tuesday.  We get a good discount at Tommy Hilfiger, so we went to get our little boys some spring clothes and did a little shopping for ourselves too.  I found this cute trench coat that I think will be perfect for spring!


We baby proofed the lower cabinets awhile ago.  But we didn't do the drawers because he wasn't tall enough at the time.  Well now he is, and he loves opening the drawer full of random kitchen utensils and emptying it out.  So I had my dad come over this week to install the locks.  They didn't work great, so we ordered more of the magnetic locks (like we used for the cabinets) and he's going to come back and install those. 

^^^ I love how it looks like Noah is really gonna help!

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  1. Super cute coat! I love when you randomly find such a great deal and it happens to be cute too!

  2. That place that you take swim lessons at looks so fun!! We have yet to sign Mason up but I need to!

  3. Aww! sure looks like he had fun at the Children's Museum!


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