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Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  Another week has come and gone.  It was a rare week for me and I went out two nights this week.   We also had a few rough nights with Noah.  I am definitely looking forward to the weekend!


Yesterday was the official First Day of Spring!  At least that's what the calendar said!  It was supposed to go into the 50s, so a friend and I planned to take our kids to the park.  But the sun wasn't out and it was kind of windy.  The boys went on the swings, but we didn't stay long.  Instead, we went back to their house to play inside.  


I took Noah to get his hair cut last Friday.  It's only his second hair cut, and since he did so well the first time, I expected it to be a breeze.  Right after this picture was taken, where he's reaching out for me, he started crying and never stopped.  I had to hug him the entire time while keeping him in the car.  It was so sad.  Thankfully, the haircut still turned out great.  Noah was quick to recover (after having bottle in the car) and was back to his happy self at my parents' house.  


Last Sunday, I went to lunch with my girlfriends while Chris hung out with Noah.  

^^^ at Houlihans 

^^^ meanwhile my boys both had a little nap on the couch :)


We are in the middle of a break for most of Noah's classes right now.  Since we didn't have much planned this past week, we went for a trial gym class.   Noah really seemed to like it!  We are currently discussing whether to sign him up.  


On Tuesday night, friends from my MOMS club had a little Sprinkle for our friend who's having a little girl at the end of April.  We decided to keep it simple and just go out to dinner, bring a few gifts, and enjoy a night out.  

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  1. That hair!! haha too cute!! And yes, come on Spring...where are youuuu???! Happy Weekend!

  2. stopping by from the link up!!! your little man is super cute! Looking fwd to reading more of your blog!!!

    Are you by chance from Pittsburgh area? I didnt know if houlihanns was elsewhere?

  3. Love Noah's hair!! So cute! Found you through the blog hop! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  4. Found your blog through Five on Friday. I love your little guys hair. I can't ever get my sons to stick up like that. We've thought about signing out little man up for The Little Gym, but they are so expensive even thought I think he would love it. Have a great weekend! -Shannon

  5. hair cut! what a fancy little do for the little guy :) how sad that he cried the whole time, but it looks super good!

  6. Spring is on our top 5 this week too! After such a brutal Winter, the season change couldn't come soon enough!!

  7. Love Noah's hair cut! Isn't it the cutest when they get to sit in the little car and get a hair cut?? Man, I am such a sucker for these cute things the kids get to do! The place that we get Mason's hair cut at plays DVDs for the little kids and video games for the bigger kids too! It's awesome because it makes getting a hair cut fun instead of the kids dreading it.

  8. Hello from the link up! Your lit'l guy's hair is too cute (: Hope you're enjoying a fabulous weekend!!

  9. Yay for spring! Come on warmer weather!! That mohawk is amazing - he is so cute! Hope you had a great weekend :)


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