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Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

Wow, in some ways this week has flown by, but in others it seems like it's been forever since last weekend!  Let's just say, I'm glad the weekend is almost here!  My younger brother is home for visiting and I'm meeting some of my girlfriends for lunch on Sunday :)  On to this week's list...


On Tuesday, Noah and I went to the TurtleBack Zoo with the MOMS Club.  Originally we had other plans, but when the weather forecast was in the 60s, I knew we had to take advantage of the spring like weather and get outside!  We walked around and looked at all the animals and ended our visit by going on the carousel.


When we were in Miami, they were filming a TV show right across the street from our hotel.  The entire street was closed off by the police and there were a ton of production trucks and activity going on.  It was also pretty cool because they had a huge crane with a fire house so they could simulate rain.   Chris did some detective work and determined that it was for a new tv show called Hoke that is going to be on the FX channel.   The main star is Paul Giamatti. 


Often when Chris leaves work, he likes to call us on FaceTime as he walks to the train.  It's pretty funny seeing the screenshots he gets!


Tomorrow we are going to the St. Patty's Day Parade in our town (weather permitting of course).  For Christmas, we got Noah a Radio Flyer Wagon and we are so excited to finally use it!  We aren't sure if Noah will be down for sitting in the wagon for the walk and during the parade, but we can hope!


In case my recaps this week weren't enough, here are some videos from our vacation… enjoy!

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