The Adventure Starts Here: 15 & 16 Month Favorites

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

15 & 16 Month Favorites

It has been so much fun seeing Noah play now that he can walk.  Even though he was an expert crawler and could get anywhere he wanted, walking has opened up a whole new world to him.  He is really tall, so he tries to grab everything off the counters and he opens doors to follow me (or just explore).  I figured this month, instead of making a collage with pictures from the company's website, I would share some pictures of Noah actually playing with the toy.  

Noah still loves his kitchen.  We had to get a new one when the kitchen he got from Christmas kept caving in (hello safety problem!).  We got this one from Ikea and we couldn't be happier!  

Noah has really started to enjoy coloring.  He colors in his high chair and I usually have him do it while I do my makeup or when I'm making dinner.  Recently he wanted to hold onto one of the crayons after I took him out of the chair.  Big mistake, because next thing I knew he was coloring on the wall!  Magic Eraser to the rescue!

On vacation, Noah started playing with my blow dryer.  Now that we are home, he's still in love with every time he sees me use it.  So I will usually blow dry my hair first, and then let him play with it while I do my makeup.  

Noah still likes to play with his toy vacuum, but especially loves the real one.  He actually cries when we put it away!

Noah loves his toothbrush.  So far Chris' mom has picked up a few for him at the dentist she works at.  Noah likes "brushing" his teeth in the bath.  He also often walks around chewing on the bottom end of it.  

Speaking of bath, Noah really enjoys the bath.  We got him this little basketball hoop that suctions to the tub, and he loves putting the balls through the net.  Chris says "Slam Dunk" every time he does it!

For Valentine's Day, we got Noah this tool kit.  Noah had played with it a friend's house and he loved it.  We were gonna get it for Christmas, but the price on Amazon went way up!  He also loves to carry around his hammer and screw driver when my dad came over to install the safety locks on the kitchen drawers… he really thought he was helping!

And finally, Noah LOVES stacking cups (or anything).  Chris will build towers, and then Noah knocks them down.  If Noah is upset about something, this can usually distract him and make him smile!

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  1. What a cutie! Mac is obsessed with his toothbrush too. And coloring. And vacuuming! These two would get along fabulously!


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