The Adventure Starts Here: The Super Bowl!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Super Bowl!!!

In honor of the Super Bowl yesterday, we did a little football themed photo shoot with Noah.  He had a blast holding and walking with the football!

Chris and Noah played a friendly game of "tackle" football.  

Noah even called some penalties!  We may have a future referee on our hands!

But I think the funniest part was Noah's reaction when the yellow penalty flag was on the ground.   

Check out the difference 5 months makes!  

^^^ Noah at 10 months, just sitting.  And now Noah at 15 months and he's walking and carrying the ball!

Of course we watched the game Sunday night and ate a bunch of yummy snacks!  Noah only made it to halftime before heading to bed.   I think my favorite parts were the half time show with Bruno Mars and the Radio Shack 80's commercial!  Congrats Seahawks!

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