The Adventure Starts Here: Noah is 15 Months!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Noah is 15 Months!

Noah officially turned 15 months on Sunday.  I delayed this post because I wanted to wait until his 15 month check up to get his weight and height :)

What's New:
Noah is officially a walker.  This month was definitely the month where everything changed!  He took his first steps on January 3rd, one day after turning 14 months :)  He started off just taking a few steps and only when prompted by one of us.  We would stick him out in front of us and cheer him on to take a few steps into our arms.  I think he figured that crawling was faster than walking, so if he needed to get somewhere, crawling was still his preferred method.  This went on for a couple of weeks.  Then last week, all of a sudden, he started walking just to get places.  And now he follows us into rooms, walking instead of crawling!

Size 18-24 M clothes.  But I'm starting to buy more in size 2T so that they will last longer.  

Noah is still struggling in the sleep department.  He goes to bed around 8pm.  He wakes up multiple times a night and ends up in bed with us.  He wakes up for good between 7 and 8 am.  He is down to one nap a day, going down around 1 pm and usually sleeping for 1-2 hours.

This month I've been making a real effort to give Noah more real food.  Sometimes he's a really good eater, and other times he has no interest in the "real food".  Thankfully he's usually good at eating fruit (other than kiwi).  

Still 11 teeth, though he seems to be teething non stop.  Either his teething is affecting his sleep or he just stinks at sleeping ;)

Noah isn't really saying any new words this month.  He's still babbling a lot and has little conversations.    He also does this thing that's like a gasp/surprised inhale.  He got it from me, cause when I get him changed, I always say "where is your hand or foot?" and then when I see it, do the gasp and say "oh there it is!".  It's the cutest thing ever and he does it all the time!  He does it almost as a "what's that?" or "come help me with something".  

This isn't really talking, but when Noah wants something he sticks his hand out like he wants to grab it and makes a grunting sound like he wants something.  While we never did teach him baby sign language, he's making the sign for milk.  He does it a lot now!  This kid is definitely trying to communicate with us!

Noah's favorite toy right now is his Dyson vacuum.  He's always loved it, but recently he learned how to turn it on.  He turns it on constantly, and then walks away from it to play with something else.  You can just imagine how fun this is for me to listen to a toy vacuum all day!

Noah also loves getting into things he shouldn't.  He's figured out how to open door knobs, open the oven drawer, and pull off baby proofing corner pads.

Not sure if this is a love or a hate, but recently Noah has started playing this game with me when I'm putting his pants back on after a diaper change.  He is constantly trying to pull his pants back off making it really hard to get him dressed.  He's laughing the whole time and thinks it's funny when I block his hands with my whole body in order to get him dressed.  So does he love the game or does he hate wearing pants… who knows?!

Noah is generally a really happy kid.  However, he really doesn't like when someone takes something away from him.  

We haven't really gone that many places this month.  Noah was either sick or it was super cold or snowing.  So we've gone to a few music classes and to visit Grandma and Grandpa.  We took him out in the snow again and he loved it!  We also went to a Flinn family christening/wedding.  


  1. hes starting to look like a real toddler now! Sorry he still isn't sleeping well though :(

  2. I'm sorry you guys are having sleep troubles. Scarlett had a huge rough patch right after 12 months, we had to end up doing some sleep training and she's sleeping like a dream now. If you ever want to talk about it you can email me :)

    Also Scarlett is also doing that pants thing, only she kind of puts her feet on the ground and pushes back so that I cant get a diaper OR pants on! It's so frustrating, all the while she's laughing away! Little monkeys!

    Happy 15 months, Noah! You're looking like such a BIG boy now!

  3. Noah reminds me a lot of Mason even though Mason is slightly older. Especially getting into things he shouldn't! Ha! Mason wants to open EVERYTHING. Everything he shouldn't of course. And way to go Noah on walking!!! Once Mason started walking, he reverted back to crawling a little because it was faster but now that he is good at all, he's practically running! Here comes trouble... Happy 15 month birthday!


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